Student Clubs

Campus Clubs

Each year more and more campus clubs are formed by Oregon Tech students. There are many student clubs to choose from. Campus clubs operate on a voluntary basis and are a great way to meet people, develop a skill, improve your resume, and so much more!

Don’t see a campus club that fits your personality? It’s easy to start a new club on campus! Click here to find out how.

  • ALP's Club

    This club will be designed to offer students the chance to express their opinions about complicated issues such as death, religion and science. The main goal is to open a discussion about life beyond the strict engineering guidelines provided in daily classes.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Karissa Trebizo
    • Advisor: Yasha Rohwer, 541.885.1942
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

    Provide a welcoming environment for civil engineering students to expand their course of study with peer and professional networking, extracurricular activity and community service.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Christopher Wrenn
    • Advisor: Charles Riley, 541.885.1922
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

    Our purpose is to spark interest in Mechanical Engineering and to do projects that allow us to have fun and practice the skills we learn in class.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Cody Carmichael
    • Advisor: Sean Sloan, 541.891.7084
  • Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

    The purpose of this organization is to ignite interest on unmanned vehicles, provide warm-hearted environments to learn, practice, and challenge cutting-edge technologies, and further develop innovative unmanned vehicles and robotics technologies so that the members could lead state-of-the-art technologies, compete student competitions, perform research and education while building strong communication with regional companies, non-/profit agencies, governmental bodies directly or indirectly through AUVSI Chapter by participating in the events or activities or providing outreach programs to regional or national communities.

    Oregon Tech Unmanned Systems (OTUS) is affiliated with the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). As a group, we research and develop unmanned vehicle systems, whether on land, in air, or under water. 

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    • Meeting Times: Tue 2pm in CO117, Mt. Bailey, or Sunset & Fri 2pm CO116 (Senior Project Lab) or CO149
    • President: Kai Hattan
    • Advisor: Dongbin (Don) Lee, 541.885.1762;
  • Astronomy Club

    The Oregon Tech Astronomy Club provides and promotes astronomical opportunities to all students at Oregon Tech who are interested in astronomy, stargazing, and community service. OTAC organizes stargazing events throughout each quarter where students can enjoy hot chocolate, snacks, and observe celestial objects as they traverse across the northern hemisphere. Local astronomers are actively involved with club activities, providing a wealth of knowledge and access to a broad range of astronomical equipment.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jacob Kernohan
    • Advisor: Seth Anthony, 541.851.5235
  • Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

    Baja SAE is a club for anyone who would like to build a Baja style rally car and compete with other schools on a yearly basis.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Edward Johnston
    • Advisor: Brian Moravec, 541.885.1647
  • Barbell Club

    Barbell club is for those who want to learn, practice, and compete in Olympic weightlifting. Anyone is welcome to try it out, regardless of experience or skill. It is a perfect outlet for those who want to improve their overall fitness and meet other people from around campus in a team atmosphere

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jessica Conrad
    • Advisor: Thomas Loney, 541-885-1632; Tom Loney, 541.331.4357
  • Christian Fellowship

    The purpose of Oregon Tech Christian Fellowship is to have fellowship in a Christian context. This endeavor is two-fold, including worship of God and encouraging fellowship with each other. We meet weekly to fulfill this goal, and our time includes worship, a relevant message from one of many various local pastors, and fellowship time. Our nondenominational club is welcome to all, students and the public alike. Come join us, we welcome your presence in our club! "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe." 1 Timothy 4:12

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Tamara Emard
    • Advisor: Ed Daniels, 541.885.1117
  • Circle K

    Circle K is a student run organization that provides community service to the Klamath community. 

    • Meeting Times: Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 pm in Mt. Mclaughlin
    • President: Karen Wickman
    • Advisor: Kristen Konkel
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)

    Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The DMS Club strives to build a relationship between the Sophomore and Junior DMS classes while bettering our local and campus communities. Additionally, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of preventative healthcare and what Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound entails. We also raise funds throughout the year to finance an end-of-year banquet that celebrates the accomplishments of the Junior class, and instructor appreciation, before advancing to externship.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jennifer Jacobsen
    • Advisor: Bobbi Kowash, 541.885.0946
  • Disk Golf Club

    The Disk Golf Club is a club that is open to anyone who wants to play the sport of Disk Golfing. This is a new club that does not take up very much time and is easy to hop into at any point in the year. The purpose of this club is to meet people that want to play Disk Golf and to enjoy an easy sport.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: James Roberts
    • Advisor: Thomas Loney, 541.885.1632
  • Echo Club

    The purpose of this club is to enhance student involvement among classmates within the Echocardiography program. It strives to encourage students to participate in community service and to raise funds for an end of the year, awards banquette held for the juniors in the program before they begin their senior year externship.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Elisabeth Partridge
    • Advisor: Barry Canaday, 541.885.1929
  • Engineers without Borders

    Engineers Without Borders - USA Oregon Tech is committed to bringing sustainable technology to communities, local and international, to better the lives of people all around the world.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Mafdey Yacoup
    • Advisor: David Thaemert, 541.885.1518
  • Epsilon Eta Sigma

    An engineering honor society for upper-division students based on Tau Beta Pi.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: John Darling
    • Advisor: Eve Klopf, 541-885-1957
  • Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

    Formula SAE® is a student design competition organized by SAE International. The concept behind Formula SAE is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a student design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. Our goal is to design, build, test, and race in the annual Formula SAE® competition.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Nathan Rice
    • Advisor: Brian Moravec, 541.885.1647
  • Gaming Community

    The Oregon Tech Gaming Community consists of a growing network of friendly, helpful gamers. We play games, talk, and support one another.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Ian Murphy
    • Advisor: Troy Scevers 541.851.5276
  • Geomatics Club

    Geomatics Department student club that is also the Student Chapter for the Professional Land Surveyors or Oregon, theCalifornia Land Surveyors and the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Russel Dodge
    • Advisor: Mason Marker, 541.885.1523
  • Health Sciences Club

    The purpose of the Health Sciences Club is to provide members with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in their medical field of interest, to enhance their repertoire of extracurricular activities for the process of applying to graduate school, and to offer educational assistance while at Oregon Tech.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Amy Lay
    • Advisor: Dr. Greg Pak, 541.885.0764
  • Honors Organization of Oregon Tech (HOOT)

    The Honors Organization of Oregon Tech (HOOT) is aimed to promote and recognize academic excellence within the student body and surrounding community.  To Partner with the community in providing academic resources and creating opportunities to connect Oregon Tech students and those students with community  leaders and associations.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Cord VanRiper
    • Advisor: Christopher Syrnyk, 541-851-5258
  • IEEE Club

    To further the knowledge and goals of the national IEEE through electronics projects, lectures, and study sessions for any Oregon Tech student interested in learning.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Devin Guenther
    • Advisor: Eve Klopf, 541-885-1957
  • International Club

    Oregon Tech's International Club! Anyone is welcome to join. We are dedicated to bringing people of different cultures and backgrounds together through fun, diverse events. Our main program is in the spring which is our International Banquet.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Mohamed Alhosani
    • Advisor: Deanne Pandozzi, 541.885.1847
  • Kart Club

    To be updated. 

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Erin MacDonald
    • Advisor: Steve Edgeman, 541.885.1421
  • Lambda Pi Eta

    Lambda Pi Eta is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), whose mission is to build a visibly cohesive community of national and international honor societies, individually and collaboratively exhibiting excellence in scholarship, service, programs, and governance.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Olivia Mendez
    • Advisor: Veronica Koehn, 541.885.1677
  • Magic: The Gathering Club

    To be updated.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jeremy Burke
    • Advisor: Franny Howes, 541.885.0339
  • Mars Reach

    Mars Reach is Oregon Tech's High Altitude Ballooning (HAB) club. We use HAB as a platform for launching video and photographic cameras, sensors and electronics, and scientific experiments designed and built by our members.

    The club is not just for engineering students, but members in electrical and computer engineering will have opportunities to build electrical systems and write code for flight computers and other equipment. Non-engineers can fully participate by designing experiments, and by building, launching, tracking, and retrieving the balloons.

    We work with a local 5th grade elementary class to teach them about science and design projects for launch. Our community service hours are fun and educational for everyone!

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Gordon Madden
    • Advisor: James Zipay, 541.885.1543
  • Martial Arts Club

    To provide Oregon Tech students with the opportunity to learn various forms of the martial arts, and to provide a training area for students seeking to practice the martial arts.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Nathan Sheppard
    • Advisor: Joseph Reid, 541.851.5781
  • Newman Club

    The purpose of the Newman Club is to provide a fun environment for personal, spiritual, and social growth rooted in the Catholic faith, as well as pursue a more fruitful relationship with Christ.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Michael Sparks
    • Advisor: Leticia Hill 541.885.1133
  • Nuclear Medicine Club

    To professionally represent and advocate for the nuclear medicine program on campus.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Elyse Mace
    • Advisor: Vanessa Bennett, 541.885.1574
  • Nursing Students without Boarders

    To be edited 

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Hannah Hassan
    • Advisor: Barbara Hunter, 541.885.1372
  • Oregon Tech Riders (Ski & Snowboard club)

    To be edited 

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Joshua Hall
    • Advisor: James Ballard, 541-885-1653
  • Oregon Tech Sustainability Club

    The purpose of OTSC is to advocate, promote and implement sustainable practices on Oregon Tech’s campus through student projects, education, and volunteering. The club will also be responsible for the Campus Community Vegetable Garden, located in the arboretum above campus. We welcome and encourage anyone to join and share their passion for sustainability!

    • Meeting Times: Every other Monday @ 4pm, DOW E255
    • President:
    • Advisor:
  • OT Performing Musicians Club

    Our purpose is to bring together people from all walks of life to achieve excellence in music.

    • Meeting Times: TBD
    • President: Keith Omogrosso
    • Advisor: Mason Marker, 541-885-1523
  • Phi Beta Lambda (Business Club)

    To be edited 

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Silvia Hansen
    • Advisor: Sharon Beaudry, 541-885-1575
  • Phi Delta Theta

    The brothers of the Oregon Delta chapter of Phi Delta Theta exhibit a cohesive bond of unity unlike any other club on the Oregon Tech campus. Our members come from diverse experiential and cultural backgrounds which stimulates the personal development of each person. Our involvement in the school and our community is unparalleled by any club on campus. We strive to bring out the best in each other and in ourselves. We pursue fellowship through common interests, service, and camaraderie. We offer acceptance regardless of race, religion, or social status and challenge each other every day to become better men than we were the day before. The men of Oregon Delta are a collegiate family.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Tristan Loomis
    • Advisor: Gregg Waterman, 541.885.1324
  • Psi Chi

    The purpose of the Oregon Tech Kava Club is to share the traditions associated with the Polynesian culture and provide a relaxing environment that fosters comradery among students by hosting a formal kava ceremony quarterly and a less formal kava session monthly.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Cintya Garcia
    • Advisor: Trevor Petersen, 541-885-0849
  • Psychology Club

    Psychology Club is a great way for psychology majors to get together and raise awareness about the psychology program. The club is involved in many activities, such as community service. It also conducts numerous fundraisers during the school year to raise money for students to attend conferences in the spring and build a psychology scholarship. Conferences are a great place to learn more about the diverse field of psychology, meet others with similar interests, hear keynote speakers, and make connections that might be needed for students that intend on entering graduate school. We are always looking for students interested in joining; please contact the current president.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jazmine Lebsack
    • Advisor: Kristen Konkel, 541.885.1839
  • Radiologic Science Club

    We the people of Radiologic Science Club, in order to perform a more perfect radiograph, establish quality, ensure lower radiation exposure, promote general welfare, and secure the education of ourselves and our successors, do ordain and promote the competency requirements of ARRT. Our club has adopted part of the Oregon highway which it helps maintain by picking up trash to give back to our local community. We support our younger classmates by helping prepare them for their practicals. We enjoy movie nights, bowling events, and participate in other club and school events. Our overall goal is to create community within the radiologic science department and build a healthy, fun learning environment.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Cody White
    • Advisor: Don McDonnell, 541.851.5315
  • Renewable Energy Engineers

    Involving student engineers with research, networking, and local community volunteering, in a fun social environment.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Michael Peterson
    • Advisor: Feng Shi, 541.885.1257
  • Respiratory Care Program

    To educate the community and students about respiratory care therapy.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Courtney Lawrence
    • Advisor: Sarah Woodman, 541-885-1971
  • Rowing Club

    To teach students lifelong physical fitness through the sport of rowing.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Zachary Noeker
    • Advisor: Joseph Reid, 541.851.5781

    To improve the public's total health by ensuring access to quality oral health care.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: McKenna Drake
    • Advisor: Jessica Luebbers
  • Social Activities Club

    To be edited 

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Christopher Wrenn
    • Advisor: Sean Sloan, 541.885.0927
  • Social Dancing Club

    Like to dance? Want to learn how to dance? If yes, this club is for you. We have weekly dance lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Country, and Swing, and have social dances once or twice a month. The purpose of the Oregon Tech Social Dancing Club is to provide a place for students to dance and meet other students outside of classes in a social setting.  

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Jesse Brummett
    • Advisor: Terri Torres, 541-885-1468
  • Society of Women Engineers

    We hope to provide a safe outlet for women in engineering, which is a male-dominated field. We will support each other, and reach out to other students pursuing engineering degrees as well as girls in the community to create a more comfortable and accepting environment.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Kyla Marino
    • Advisor: Irina Demeshko, 541.885.1456
  • Students for the Child

    Students for the Child is a student organization on campus that helps at risk children in their academics. Since the members are working with children, all tutors must be background checked. Students for the Child is affiliated with CASA of Klamath County and Friends of the Children.

    • Meeting Times: Saturday, TBA
    • President: Derek Wiseman,
    • Advisor: Molly O'Shaughnessy, 541.885.1473
  • Students in Communications

    The purpose of the Oregon Tech Students in Communications (SIC) Club is to represent the students majoring in Communication Studies at Oregon Tech, support them while they pursue their degree, and assist them in fulfilling their needs as a Communication major. SIC is an affiliate of the Student Clubs of the National Communication Association.

    • Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 1pm in Semon Hall, Rm ?
    • President: Lacey Bland
    • Advisor: Kevin Brown, 541.885.1891
  • Sustainability Club (OTSC)

    A service and social action club that promotes sustainability both on and off campus. Club activities focus on advocacy and implementation of sustainable practices on campus and in the community through student projects and educational campaigns! The club is also responsible for the maintenance and management of the Campus Vegetable Garden, located in the Arboretum above the Village. We welcome and encourage anyone to join!

    • Meeting Times: Every other Monday at 4pm in DOW E255
    • President: Chloe Smith
    • Advisor: Kerry Byrne, 541.851.5155
  • Vascular Club

    The Vascular Club is a great way to expose yourself to the new way of medical imaging. We strive to help educate our members to become a part of the vascular ultrasound community. We participate in fundraisers that help the club raise money to go to conferences throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Ethan Schlecht
    • Advisor: Chris Caster, 541.885.1993

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