Procurement Cards

Card Program

Oregon Tech uses three (3) types of Visa bank cards for conducting business transactions:
  1. P-Cards: University procurement cards assigned to departments for payment of routine office material and service purchases. Access to P-Card Agreement, Policy, and Procurement Card Policy Knowledge Test through MyOIT. Go to the Faculty/Staff tab and scroll down to "Procurement Cards" section.
  2. Student Group/Team Travel Cards: University cards available to departments who are responsible for student group or team travel on a recurring basis.
  3. Travel (Corporate) Cards: Personal cards dedicated to employee travel.

File Downloads

  • IconProcurement Card Policy
    Please review this policy before taking the Procurement Knowledge Test located on MyOIT. Go to the Faculty/Staff tab and scroll down to "Procurement Cards" section.
  • IconProcurement Card Agreement
    Application and agreement for issue to department card custodian.
  • IconProcurement Card Reconciliation
    Reconciliation form for department card custodians to use each month in reconciling procurement card statements to receipts and Banner transactions.
  • IconProcurement Card Sign-Out
    Sign-out log to record procurement card activity (sign-in and sign-out of card and purposes of purchases) each month.
  • IconProcurement Card Manual
    Training and reference manual for entry of procurement card transactions and reports for Banner procurement processing.

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