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Course Trend Data

Course data are listed and graphs are interactive. The interactivity is impossible to achieve with a PDF document. Click on a bubble/s and slide/play the timeline at the bottom of the graph to see a trend-line, or to display the student count and course hours for a given term along the vertical and horizontal axis. At the top right of the graph is a button to change from bubble to bar to line graph. Also, change to horizontal or vertical axis to display a different relationship for timeline trend or change the scale to a log scale.

The color of the bubbles represent the grade point (A=4, B=3...F=0) average for the course by term selected. The size of the bubble represents class level (Senior=4, Junior=3...Freshman=1) average for the course by term selected. A red bubble indicates a higher GPA for the students in the course. A large bubble indicates more students within the course that are a higher class level according to total credits.

All course data are Fall term for the respective year and are end-of-term (graded).