High School Students & Families

Why Enroll in ACP?

Students who enroll in Advance Credit Program (ACP) are getting an opportunity to earn college credit at a fraction of the cost without leaving their high school.

Dual credit is valuable for many reasons:

  1. Get a head start on college courses.
  2. Build a college identity.
  3. Receive transfer credit.
  4. Potentially save time to degree.

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements vary based on the class and credit being offered at the high school. Your high school teacher will advise the class on eligibility requirements for each course.

Examples of Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Current a high school student and at least 14 years of age.
  2. Not yet graduated from high school.
  3. Pass a placement test for Math courses and Writing courses.
  4. Have B's in all high school English for Writing courses only.
  5. Meet course prerequisites (if any) for the course.

To begin the registration process, please follow the instructions via the resource link titled Application, Registration, and  Payment Instructions on this page.

Learn more about how dual credit can jump start your college career. This video was filmed with current students in Oregon who were pursuing different accelerated credit options in the state.