Quick Start Guide for 2022 Healthy Active Challenge

  1. Register for the 2022 Healthy Active Challenge
  2. Check the daily activities for the 2022 Healthy Active Challenge here. Read the event descriptions here
  3. Fill out your weekly electronic scorecard here or download the paper version.
  4. Check out the list of Bonus Classes here.
  5. Start the 2022 Healthy Active Challenge on January 31, 2022!

Each Week

Part of the Healthy Active Challenge is water consumption and daily exercise. Every day you meet your daily consumption of water or meet the increased goal for water (as specified on the 2022 Healthy Active Calendar) then you earn two points for that day. Also, every day in which  you exercise you receive 2 points/ day. If you attend a Bonus Class Webinar you earn 3 points per webinar. These webinars are listed on the 2022 Healthy Active Calendar in red. Refer to the link above under #4. Scorecards are provided to help you track your points. See #3 in the above list.

All Bonus Class Webinars will be recorded, if you cannot attend but want watch a recorded Bonus Class Webinar, you will have to request that via email from Jennifer Bavarskas (Jennifer.bavarskas@oit.edu) or chat with Jennifer through MS TEAMS. Viewing a recorded webinars viewing earns 2 points for your first viewing. Subsequent viewing are always welcome, but you only get points for the first viewing.

Point Submission

Submit points for the past week on every Monday of the challenge via the Oregon Tech app or by using this form. Submit at any time during the day. Weeks will run Monday - Sunday with submission of points to be completed by the following Monday. Weekly winners will be announce on the following Tuesday. Everyone who submits points or attends a Bonus Class Webinar will be entered into our FREE drawing for prizes at the end of the challenge.

Drink Water

Once you have discovered the average amount of water that you drink each day (during week #1) then each week set a goal to increase that amount by 4 ounces (1/2 cup), until your get closer to 64 ounces. Once you reach an average of 64 ounces you can increase that or simply maintain that amount. We are simply working on better hydration not self-drowning.

Exercise Each Day

Whether it is once, twice or twelve times a day, you simply get 2 points per day for exercise. Some people naturally exercise multiple times a day because they are very active or involved in a sport. Other people don’t exercise much at all. In an attempt to try to level the playing field, we are simply giving you 2 points per day that you exercise. If you naturally exercise you already know it is good for you and deserve points. However, if exercise isn’t part of your daily routine, we want to encourage you to try it so you too will receive points every time you exercise.


Winners of both Weekly Prizes, Bonus Class Webinar FREE Drawing Prizes, and End of the Challenge Prizes will receive them via the mail. You will be contacted when you win and your details will be taken down. You will have to fill out a prize receipt form prior to receiving your prize. Keep in mind there are prizes for weekly winners, end of the challenge free drawing prizes, as well as free drawing prizes for attending Bonus Class Webinars.