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Welcome Parents and Family!

We are excited to partner with you to help your family member further their education and advance their career! It may be helpful to understand some of the services that we offer students and alumni. You may click on any of the links on this page to find out more. We encourage you to urge your student to take advantage of the many ways we can help.

Many students experience uncertainly about their future careers, which is totally normal. We hope you will support them as they explore their options while at the beginning of their college programs. Doing some research about careers and industries, talking to others about their career paths, and doing some self-reflection often benefit students as they are making these decisions. For students who need one-on-one assistance we are happy to meet with them to discuss whatever career concerns they may have.

Reviewing our Career Development Plan together may help you to understand the many actions students can take to further their careers.

Resources for Students and Alumni