COVID-19 Giving

Covid-19 Giving

Oregon Tech's mission to prepare students for rewarding health, engineering, business, technology, and applied arts and sciences careers is unwavering. In a historic spring term, faculty and staff have moved mountains to assure our students do not see an interruption in their studies while courses are currently being provided remotely and this year's commencement will be virtual in order to keep our community safe. In response to the desire to help during this time, the featured funds listed below provide immediate support for students. Thank you. 

Featured Funds

Helping Owls Scholarship

Helping Owls Scholarships assist students who are negatively affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include loss of employment, reduced hours, additional expenses for remote learning, change in externship sites, and much more. While the first round of awards have helped numerous students, many more still need help to cover spring term expenses such as tuition, rent, groceries and personal supplies. 

The Bird Feeder

The Bird Feeder, a nod to our avian mascot, is a student food pantry that provides no-questions-asked snacks and meals for all students and grocery store gift cards for students who need additional assistance.

Finish Line Fund

Getting students across the finish line with a diploma in hand is the goal of this scholarship.  Students who have found themselves within 45 credit hours of graduation, but have few financial resources available to them and are in jeopardy of not graduating can apply for assistance for the final leg of their academic endeavors.

Fund for Oregon Tech

Provides resources for the University to use when and where they are most needed at the time. 


Student Spotlights: Helping Owls Scholarship Recipients

McKenna Davis Overley
Justin Shirley Thumb
Laura Morgan
Norman Guerrero