OITT Patent Policies

The United States patent system is founded in the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, and has as its objective to encourage "the sciences and useful arts." The State System has objectives for its patent-related activities which balance and promote the interests of the public, the faculty and staff, and the institutions in the following ways:

  1. To facilitate the transfer of technology and the utilization of findings of scientific research in order to provide maximum benefit to the public therefrom.
  2. To encourage research, scholarship, and a spirit of inquiry, thereby generating new knowledge.
  3. To provide machinery by which the significance of discoveries may be determined so that the commercially meritorious may be brought to the point of public utilization. 
  4. To assist in an equitable disposition of interests in inventions among the inventor, the institution, and when applicable, a sponsor.
  5. To provide individual incentives to inventors in the form of personal development, professional recognition, and financial compensation.
  6. To assist in the fulfillment of the terms of research grants and contracts.