General Education Reform

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you several documents that reflect ongoing work on general education reform, which has continued through this summer's General Education Review ad hoc Committee (GERAC). As you may recall, President Naganathan has also championed general education reform in Short-term Goal #4, and the GERAC recommendations represent the beginning of the next phase of the implementation process.

These recommendations, crafted diligently by the diverse group of faculty and staff who served on GERAC, move us closer to a sustainable, forward-looking, and educationally effective model for general education at Oregon Tech. While GERAC considered various lenses that need to be applied to move toward implementation, there are elements that will require further analysis and elements of the model that will need further refinement.  An analysis of these recommendations by the Office of Academic Excellence (OAE) includes discussion of of the model’s compatibility with new statewide transfer structures and a deeper analysis of impact on program curriculum maps, staffing needs and other costs that will accompany implementation. These analyses are critical in developing timelines, budgets and necessary awareness for the administrative review phase and are part of the work that must be done before we reach a sustainable, flexible and viable model. 

As we move into the administrative review phase of this work, I am charging Dr. Seth Anthony (OAE) with leading the processes which will collect the necessary data for continued analysis, including impact on transfer students, and with further refinement of the proposed model, conducted in open and transparent consultation with affected faculty and administrative units. The aim of this work is to produce a product that has well-understood and manageable impacts, along with an associated budget and implementation timeline, for review by Executive Staff with a final recommendation to President Naganathan. The goal will be to have the entire process completed by the end of the term.

We have appreciated all of the effort from the many participants in this process over the past several years.  At this critical time, continued and expeditious feedback into this work is essential given its broad impact; please direct feedback or questions primarily to Dr. Anthony ( ) as the point person on this effort.


Gary Kuleck, Ph.D.
Provost and V. P. Academic Affairs
Oregon Institute of Technology

Follow-Up to GERAC Recommendations

In response to the charge above, Dr. Seth Anthony, Interim Director of the Office of Academic Excellence, produced the following report and recommendations for consideration by university administration and the General Education Advisory Committee (supplemented by an appendix detailing curriculum maps used in the analysis).

Members of the General Education Reform Task Force (GERTF) also drafted a letter for the Oregon Tech community in response to the GERAC recommendations.

Joanna Mott

Joanna Mott, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs


GERTF Reports

For background on the 2013-2016 General Education Review Task Force's work, see: