General Education Review

The General Education Review Task Force was appointed by the Provost April, 2013 at the request of the General Education Advisory Council (GEAC). The task force was charged to review/reevaluate Oregon Tech’s overall general education requirements.

In conducting this review, the task force was asked to draw on work that has been done in recent years with the AAC&U LEAP Vision project, the development and assessment of our own Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs), and statewide efforts incorporating community colleges and public universities in an attempt to define what the broad outcomes should be for all degrees independent of discipline using the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP).

Expected outcomes of the review:

  1. A rationale for general education requirements
  2. Recommendations regarding general education requirements and/or institutional student learning outcomes (ISLOs) for clear alignment
  3. Recommended structure for an ongoing review process
  4. Support during implementation of general education requirements and/or review process
  5. Recommendations for institution-wide support of general education goals

This project, a multi-year undertaking, engaged the majority of Oregon Tech faculty, gathering extensive input from within and outside the university.  The task force completed the review in June 2016 and provided recommendations addressing each of these outcomes in their final report. The recommendations include a reimagining of general education to fit Oregon Tech's mission and vision--the Essential Studies program. The recommendations of the task force were endorsed by Faculty Senate, Provost's Leadership Team, and Executive Staff during the spring 2016 term.

The first steps of implementation have begun starting with a new structure and leadership to support general education and ongoing review of the Essential Studies program. Currently, work is underway to prepare for initial implementation in Fall 2018.


Task Force: