The impacts of COVID-19 can be far reaching, those impacts may result in changes you need or want to make to your benefits or needing leave.  Please reach out to the benefits office for assistance and guidance on what may be applicable to your particular situation.  Our current unique set of circumstances provide for resources related to employee leave, retirement plans, and changes to our PEBB benefits.  Please note: some benefits changes must be made within 30 days or within the same calendar month.

Leave: the impacts of COVID-19 may avail you to more options than would be typical, including paid leave to care for children who are unable to attend school or childcare due to closures.  Please take a moment to review the "COVID-Leave At a Glance Guide" linked on the right (or below for mobile users).  Please note special leave provisions are set to expire on December 31, 2020.

PEBB Health Benefits: the impacts may allow you to make necessary changes to your benefits mid-year.  PEBB has posted a full matrix of available linked on the right (or below for mobile users).  

Common changes that may allow changes to your PEBB benefits would be:

If you have opted out or declined health insurance:
Loss of benefits through a spouse/partner/parent’s group health plan:
- Enroll yourself, your spouse/partner, and children under age 26 in PEBB coverage.

If you are enrolled in group health insurance through PEBB:
A spouse/partner/child (under age 26) has had a change in employment and no longer has group coverage available:
- Remove the $50 surcharge associated with covering a spouse/partner who has waived their own group health plan.
- Enroll a spouse/partner/child (under age 26) who has lost coverage.

PEBB Flexible Spending: If enrolled in childcare flexible spending:

With the closure of childcare and schools have your childcare needs changed:
- You can decrease or change your enrollment amount, but you are not required to do so. 
Supplemental retirement savings: changes are allowable year round:

If you wish to make changes to your 403(b) with Fidelity or TIAA, you can complete this form and submit it to Sarah Henderson-Wong.  Please do not provide your SSN or DOB on any forms submitted, this information is not needed.  Forms submitted by the 10th of the calendar month are processed for that month’s payroll.  

You may also be eligible to take a penalty free withdrawal or loan from your 403(b) plan.  Full details are shown online.

If you wish to make changes to your 457 with Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP), you can make plan changes by telephone 800-365-8494 (M-F, 7 am - 5 pm) or on the website at