Accessing Oregon Tech Library Databases from Off Campus

If you are a currently registered Oregon Tech student or currently employed Oregon Tech faculty or staff, you can now access Oregon Tech Library databases from off campus by using the username and password that you use for your Oregon Tech email account (no browser setup required).

After you have your Oregon Tech email account set up (see information below if you don't), just go to the Oregon Tech Library home page.

Then under "Find," and “Find an Article”, click on either "Electronic Resources A--Z" or " Electronic Resources - by subject". Click on the name of the database that you want to open, and you'll be asked to enter your username and password (which is your Oregon Tech email username and password). After entering this information, you should then be able to open the database.

Your Oregon Tech Email Address

You have a new Oregon Tech email address that you are required to use for all Oregon Tech electronic correspondence.

Once you have logged into your account at, you can change your password by going to options, then scrolling down to change password.

Students that do not have an account yet (have not registered, or have JUST registered) should check back in a couple of business days after registering.

Database Troubleshooting

Login Problems

Off-campus users

If you fail to get into a database with your regular Oregon Tech email username and password, try adding to your username ( instead of just Firstname.Lastname).

You may also need to use your original (default) password: first initial first name, first initial last name, last four digits of your Oregon Tech ID number (or social security number).

If you continue to have problems logging in, let us know by emailing

On-campus users

We continue to work through problems in order to have reliable access. If you are in the library and having issues getting into a database, please ask for help.

LEXISNEXIS Academic Database Problems

If you are having trouble logging into this database, try hitting the "back" button on your browser and log in again. You may need to try this more than once, but it does seem to solve the login problem.


The ITS Helpdesk can reset passwords if something is truly amiss (with a valid Student ID#, first and last name). You must already be registered and have an account set-up to contact ITS for help.

If you are still unable to get into your email account with your "best guess" of login, contact ITS Operations at 541.885.1717, or via email at: