When you click on a database link, you should go to a login page. If you see the login page, continue. If you don't see a login page (404 error message, etc.), please contact Joe Hurlbut, Operating Systems / Network Analyst for the library (541-885-1967) or Karen Kunz, Information Services Librarian (541.885.1769).

When you log in, you see "incorrect username or password."

Double check that you have spelled your email name and password correctly and that the Caps Lock is not on.

Remember, your email name does not include the "@oit.edu" portion of your email address.

Have you forgotten your password? You'll need to contact your campus's IT department at:
Klamath Falls: servicedesk@oit.edu
Wilsonville: wil-help@oit.edu

Include your name and Student ID.