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Dr. Eklas Hossain – Bringing Klamath Community under One Umbrella

May 19, 2020
Preparing schools and colleges with technical education can help with both their self and interpersonal development, which in turns can develop a synergistic environment between institutions and industries around Klamath Falls.


As one of the esteemed engineering institutions at Klamath Falls, Oregon Tech has a reputation of creating fresh engineers who will be ready for industrial jobs from day one. Joining the university in 2015, Dr. Eklas Hossain dreamt of reconnecting the Klamath community together, from the platform of Oregon Tech, to reach out to the people of the basin with a message for the communal advancement using technology as the tool.

The remoteness of the Klamath basin is unlike other areas with privileges for industrial and academic exploration made him motivated to ponder over his responsibilities as a teacher. As a faculty member in the department of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy, he knew that teaching is more than educating the students enclosed in the walls of the institution. In attempts to go beyond the institutional boundary, Dr. Hossain continuously keeps in touch with representatives from different institutions and organizations in the Klamath basin. He is in motion to bring the basin under one umbrella to establish a supportive viewpoint throughout the community.

He believes that preparing schools and colleges with technical education can help with both their self and interpersonal development, which in turns can develop a synergistic environment between institutions and industries around Klamath Falls.

The beginning of 2020 was extremely blissful for Dr. Hossain to have received positive responses from different schools and colleges after his outreach.

January 23

He led the students at the ‘STEM Night’, organized by Conger Elementary School.

February 1

The team visited Mazama High School to participate in the Klamath Icebreaker Vex Robotics Tournament. The next day noted their participation in the regional Robotics competition, showcasing robotic car to the visitors. At the event, Dr. Hossain communicated with the robotics and science teacher & STEM&M director of Mazama High School, Laura Nickerson, to organize a STEM talk at the high school.
Dr. Hossain at his STEM&M talk at Mazama High School

February 12

At a Mazama High School STEM&M talk, Dr. Hossain and his group of students presented comprehensive speeches on how the current world is evolving around technology and how science and engineering knowledge can help the audiences to be a part of the change. Both the teachers and the students equally participated and applauded the elaborate content the Oregon Tech team presented.

Dr. Hossain teaching the students of Mazama High about the principals of robotsThe journey with Mazama High continued for the third time, when Dr. Hossain delivered a guest lecture on 13th February with his robotic kits to inspire students with hands-on experience of the project. The enthralled students would mark the day as one of their fascinated journeys with robotics, as they were presented with opportunities to build and control the robot with Dr. Hossain from scratch.

February 18

Dr. Hossain would not simply let go of any opportunity of community engagement. The later week, he paid a visit to Dr. Kristi Lebkowsky, Aerospace Engineering teacher at Henley High School to discuss the year’s KidWind Turbine Engineering Competition, where he would judge the event just as the previous year. 

February 25

Dr. Hossain further maintained the connection with other local schools for seeking the opportunities of similar events. He communicated with Ms. Laurie Ross, English and robotics teacher at Lost River Junior/Senior High School to gather the robotic enthusiasts from their robotics club to support their impulse. He delivered his talk on the science and technology to the students, showcasing engrossing gadgets and helping them in creating their own project with the kits.

Dr. Hossain and the group of students after his STEM&M talk and project display at Lost River High SchoolOn the second event at Lost River, Dr. Hossain and the team continued his presentation, highlighting the contribution of women in STEM field. He also donated the robotic kits for the enthusiastic students of the robotic club to aspire their education towards engineering. He further joined the venture with Mr. Mike Johnson, the senior seminar teacher at the institution to discuss possible collaboration and demonstrate a presentation on STEM&M. Dr. Hossain diligently managed his slots in between his class breaks to deliver the lecture, which shows his extreme dedication towards meeting his goals. 

Dr. Hossain did not rest after these successful visits in February. He visited Carolyn Clarke, the outreach coordinator at Triad School for scheduling a class with the learners. He even managed a schedule with Ponderosa Elementary School on STEM talk, with Mr. Jordan Osborn, Principal at Bonanza High School, with Mr. Jacque Brandow at Klamath Union, with Dr. Paul Hillyer from EagleRidge High School and with Mr. Lane Stratton, Principal of Lakeview High School in ventures to arrange STEM&M and robotic events. He is also in talk with Klamath and Rogue Community College to discuss possible collaborative events for the coming months.

The events Dr. Hossain participated in were accompanied by warm reception and welcomes as Dr. Hossain delivered robotic kits to many students and school clubs in order to help them to overcome the resource limitations.
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