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Resources for Faculty

The Oregon Tech Online Department offers valuable services to all faculty and staff. The Canvas learning management software is used by online faculty to teach fully online courses and by on-campus faculty to supplement on-campus face-to-face classes. The Zoom web conferencing program is available to all Oregon Tech faculty. Call the Online office at 541.885.1142 if you're interested in using either of these programs.

Canvas Learning Management Software

At Oregon Tech, the term "Online faculty" refers to those faculty members who teach fully-online classes using Canvas. Online faculty members are required to use the standard Canvas course template, to comply with Online Course Standards and their classes are reviewed by their peers. New Online faculty members usually participate in weekly hour-long meetings with an Online staff member to learn about the many features of Canvas which faculty uses to design and teach online classes. Approval for creating online courses comes from the instructor's department.

On-campus faculty members, at all Oregon Tech locations, may choose to use Canvas to supplement their in-class instruction. The standards for posting supplemental materials in Canvas on-campus courses are less stringent than for online course instructors. No departmental approval is needed to request on-campus classes. All Oregon Tech classes are automatically given a Canvas class.  If a faculty member doesn't need to use Canvas in a particular class, they just don't Publish it and students won't even see it listed in their Canvas account.

Zoom Web Conferencing Service

The Oregon Tech Online department has Pro versions of the hosted Zoom web conferencing program that may be used by any Oregon Tech faculty member.  You can also get a free version of Zoom at, which has the same features as the Pro version except it limits your session to 40 minutes.

In addition to a computer with an internet connection, you'll need speakers and a microphone or a headset with microphone that connects to your computer. You can buy a headset at a reasonable price from any office supply store. Remind students that they need headsets on their end or some other way to hear and speak.  To be able to see each other, you'll each want a webcam also.

Zoom web conferencing allows invited conference attendees to hold audio conversations, share documents or applications, share computer screens, and collaborate. Zoom is used by Oregon Tech online faculty in their online courses to offer online office hours, present course material to students in real time, allow guest speakers to talk to their classes, and offer tutoring sessions for students who need additional help. Collaboration using Zoom is limited only by your imagination. Zoom is available for use by Oregon Tech faculty at any campus location.

If you decide that you want to use Zoom Pro in your class, contact the Online office and a staff member will schedule a short training session for you. 

Blackboard Archive site

The Online department purchased a license to have a Blackboard Archive site.  This is an exact copy of our old Blackboard site.  However it can NOT be used to teach classes. And it is only available to 50 people at a time.

The purpose of having this archive site is to allow faculty and the Online Instructional Designers to have access to the old Blackboard material, so it could be migrated to Canvas over the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

Currently we have only paid to have access until June 30, 2020.  If necessary, we could extend the contract for longer depending on if there is a need for it still and if there are funds to pay for it.

All faculty can access this Blackboard Archive site in TECHweb.  It looks the same as the Blackboard program we used up until June 2019. 

NOTE:  Students will NOT see Blackboard listed in their TECHweb account.