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Register, Add, Drop or Withdraw

Initial Registration

Prior to registering, Portland-Metro students should complete the following steps:

  1. Search for courses to look up the Oregon Tech courses you need. Meet with your faculty advisor if you are unsure of the courses you should be taking.
  2. Verify you have the appropriate prerequisites, by checking DegreeWorks accessed through Web for Student. Work with your advisor if you need a prerequisite override.
  3. Resolve any holds that might prevent you from registering. Portland-Metro staff can direct you to the correct campus office. (It’s important to check for holds in Web for Student to ensure that no holds have been added since the last time you registered).

The Academic Calendar lists deadlines related to adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes. You may utilize Web for Student to register, add, or drop classes through the first Friday of the term. After the first Friday of the term WebREG will be unavailable and you must obtain required signatures on the add/drop form for all registration transactions Submit in person (room 133) or via email


If a student registers, pays fees and then decides not to attend Oregon Tech for that term, he or she may cancel courses and receive a full refund using Web for Student before the term begins, with the exception of the one-time Matriculation and Transcript for Life Fees. These fees are non-refundable upon registration.

Course Drop or Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a course through Friday of the seventh week of the quarter. See the back of the add/drop form for required signatures. Submit the completed form in person (room 133) or email as an attachment. During the first ten days of the term, a student may drop one or more courses with no record. However, if a student withdraws from all courses, the student’s transcript will note “Complete Withdrawal.” After the first ten days of the term, a student may withdraw from one or more courses and will receive a “W’ for those courses. Students may withdraw from individual courses through Friday of the seventh week of the term. After Friday of the seventh week, students will receive a letter grade (“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, “NP”, “I”, or “IP”) from the instructor. Actual deadlines for dropping/withdrawing from a course are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Faculty Initiated Withdrawal

Teaching faculty can drop a student, during the first two weeks of the quarter class if the student has not attended by the second regularly scheduled meeting of that class, or if the necessary prerequisites are not met for the current class. The student will be notified of the withdrawal in writing by the Registrar’s Office.

Medical Withdrawal

Students requesting a medical withdrawal based on a physical or mental-health condition should consult with the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

Complete Withdrawal

If a Portland-Metro student is currently registered and decides to withdraw from all classes, the student must notify the Registrar’s Office in Wilsonville or Klamath Falls. If a student has received financial aid it is recommended that the student speak with the Financial Aid/Business Office regarding the impact on repayment/future Financial Aid. Upon notification, the student will be required to complete the add/drop form. Submit in person (room 133) or email to pmregistrar@oit.edu. Complete withdrawals from the college may be processed through Friday of the week prior to Final Exam Week. Financial aid will be held for future terms after a complete withdrawal has been processed. A complete withdrawal will result in a notation or “W” grades on the student’s transcript.