Section 2: Interaction With Vendors

Procurement and Contract Services Policy
Purchasing and Contract Ethics Section 2
Effective: 08/15/2015

2-1: Vendor Gifts or Entertainment

An employee, relative or member of the household may not solicit or receive gifts with an aggregate value in excess of $50 during a calendar year, or receive payment for expenses for entertainment from a single source that has an interest in the agency in which the public official works. Additionally, employees may not accept a favor, gratuity or special consideration from Vendors and Contractors doing or seeking to do business with the University in order to influence a purchase or secure a Contract.

2-2: Vendor Employment Promises

Employees may not solicit or accept the offer, pledge or promise of future employment based on an understanding that the employee will influence a purchase or Contract award for their future employer while still employed by Oregon Tech. Employees involved in the preparation, solicitation, evaluation, award or approval of a solicitation or execution of a Contract may not be employed by the Contractor for a period of one (1) year.

2-3: Impartiality

Employees will conduct themselves and represent Oregon Tech in a manner which exhibits fair and impartial treatment to all Vendors.

2-4: Endorsement

Oregon Tech does not generally endorse goods or services offered by Vendors. Rare exceptions would only be made upon entering into an endorsement agreement executed by a Contracts Officer detailing the terms and conditions under which such endorsement will be allowed. Employees shall refrain from representing or implying that Oregon Tech will endorse a Vendor’s goods or services. Vendor may list Oregon Tech as a client if Oregon Tech has a current or past contract with the Vendor.

2-5: Marketing or Press Releases

Departments are not authorized to approve any marketing or press releases by Vendors that are for or on behalf of Oregon Tech without the express approval of the Office of Marketing & Communication. Generally Oregon Tech does not approve press releases for the sole purpose of advertising that Oregon Tech has entered into a contract with the Vendor.