General Education

Mission Statement

General education provides the core of an undergraduate university education. Oregon Tech's General Education requirements provide breadth and depth to an Oregon Tech education. The requirements are designed to help students widen perspectives, explore relationships between subjects, and develop critical and analytical thinking skills in areas outside the major. All students benefit from knowledge that helps them develop as competent, well-rounded professionals and well-educated citizens.

Through Oregon Tech general education courses, students study an array of topics, principles, theories, and disciplines. The courses are organized within the curriculum in such a manner that students will acquire knowledge, abilities, and appreciation as integrated elements of the educational experience. General education courses teach students to communicate clearly, think critically and globally, identify and analyze problems within and across disciplines, and apply mathematical concepts and scientific reasoning. General Education also addresses the aspirations of the human spirit, the power of creative expression, and the complex interactions of peoples and cultures.

Oregon Tech's goal for General Education is to help students become literate, informed, critical participants in a diverse and rapidly changing global society. The Oregon Tech General Education curriculum is reviewed regularly by Oregon Tech's faculty and by the General Education Advisory Council.