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Proxy Access

What is Proxy Access?

The Oregon Tech Registrar’s Office would like to introduce Proxy Access! This new service allows you to give someone (usually a parent, guardian, or spouse) read-only access to designated areas of your student information, including:
  • Transcripts
  • Final grades
  • Tax information
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid

You maintain complete control over your proxy relationships. You are able to set them up, reset their passwords, change or delete their access, and send them messages detailing the access they have been given.

To add a proxy, click on Proxy Management > Add Proxy. Then complete the proxy profile.

Proxy Access Instructions

  1. Log into Web for Student
  2. Click on the Proxy Menu Tab
  3. Click on Proxy Management
  4. Click on Add Proxy
  5. Fill out the new proxy information, full name and email address
  6. Click Add Proxy

An email is now sent which includes a link is sent to the person that was set up as a proxy. The new guest user must log in to validate their email address, create their own pin, and fill out their personal information. If the student changes their mind and the proxy has not validated their email address, they can delete the proxy from the system right away. Otherwise, the student will need to wait 24 hours to delete the proxy.

  1. Click on the name of the proxy that was just created to expand the section
  2. On the Profile Tab, select Guest User as the relationship
  3. Fill out a description that is meaningful to you
  4. Choose a passphrase (secret password for the proxy to use)
  5. Click E-mail Passphrase
An email is now sent notifying the guest user of the passphrase selected. This unique phrase will be required by Oregon Tech offices. When a proxy calls Oregon Tech, the office will validate the passphrase and authorization given by the student.
  1. Click on the Authorization Tab
  2. Put a check mark in the box next to the pages you wish this person to see

An email is now sent notifying the guest user that he/she has been authorized to see pages and gives them a new URL to log in and see the pages. The guest user will use their email address and pin they created to gain access to the proxy pages.

If the proxy locks themselves out, they can request a pin reset by entering their email address and clicking “forgot pin”. The system will then automatically send an email with the pin verification link and new pin. The student also has the capability to reset the proxy’s pin. When the student clicks reset pin in the Proxy Menu, an email is sent to the proxy with the verification link and pin and a copy of this email is sent to the student.