Student, Class of 2027
Bay Area, California

Extracurricular Activities
My extracurricular activities include being a mom of two boys, and watching my kids play sports. I enjoy playing volleyball and being outside. Other hobbies include cooking, sewing, and gardening.

A Little Bit About Me
I am from the bay area, California. I moved my family to Oregon in 2018 to buy our first home. I picked up my current role as an Engineering Project Assistant in 2018. Since starting my current job, I have had more exposure to engineers and what they do. I admire them and am inspired to be one someday. Personally, I have two young boys. I want to show them that with hard work and dedication, anyone can make their dreams come true. I hope I can pass on my work ethic to them so that they can live a happy and successful life.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major
I picked Oregon Tech because of the class sizes. They are very small in comparison to other colleges. I have more one on one time with the professor which helps me to absorb the content of the class. I picked Mechanical Engineering because I enjoy math and problem-solving.

My Influential Professors
I really enjoy Professor Johnston. He wants people to understand and pass Physics. It is a very hard subject, but he gives us every opportunity to succeed in the class. He is very passionate about the subject. I also appreciate his approach to teaching. He tries to stimulate conversations which I feel like most professors do the opposite.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech
My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech so far would have to be in chemistry. We had a lab where we transformed copper from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid. It was beautiful! You always hear of things being recycled (like cardboard), but this was different because we were using a basic element from the periodic table.

My Plans After Graduation
I currently work as an administrator. After getting the degree, I plan on becoming a Mechanical Engineering in aerospace. I also plan on making enough money to send both of my kids to college.