Student, Class of 2026
Honolulu, Hawaii

A Little Bit About Me

My dream is to become a tech entrepreneur and improve the lives of millions of people. (Yes, I was inspired by the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk.) Throughout my years in high school, I’ve always prided myself on academics. I was able to maintain a 4.0 throughout my years in high school. Recently, I’ve become more of a risk-taker by taking on leadership and communication roles for extracurricular activities. I realized that the road to achieving my dreams will require more than simply being able to read, write, and do arithmetic. Going forth into college, I plan to continue improving my leadership and communication skills by taking academic risks to become a more well-rounded individual.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

Oregon Tech is a well-reputed STEM university with a small student-to-faculty ratio. Tuition for this college is also reasonably priced for me due to WUE tuition. For an aspiring young adult trying to become more independent, Oregon Tech seemed like the perfect fit for me. I chose to major in renewable energy engineering because I firmly believe in the welfare that renewable energies will bring to the world.

My Influential Professors

Some of my most influential teachers in high school were also teachers I disliked. Perhaps, I disliked them because they challenged my core beliefs and made me reflect deeply on what I truly valued. Mrs. Nakasuji and Mrs. Kramer were two of many teachers who cared enough to knock me off my high horse when I became snobbish about my high grades. Due to their influence, I no longer care so much about maintaining my GPA but instead about learning as much as I can from classes that interested me. Coming to Oregon Tech, I hope there will be professors that make me question why I am learning beyond the simple reason of getting credits toward my major.

My Greatest Learning Experience

My greatest learning experience during high school is learning to survive imminent failure. Going into my senior year, I overloaded myself by taking five AP classes on top of leading the school’s robotics team. Both seasons for robotics ended in disaster due to a combination of external factors and poor leadership on my part. In the end, I regret none of it. I realized that being comfortable with taking risks and with failing is a strength that entrepreneur-minded individuals like myself will need to be able to achieve our dreams.

My Plans After Graduation

I believe that America is headed towards a future where our primary sources of energy will be clean and renewable. Having a bachelor's degree in renewable energy engineering will help me to find a high-paying stable job within the renewable energy industry. However, I am not satisfied with simply that. I have dreams of founding a startup with a mission of improving the lives of millions across the world. Oregon Tech will provide me with a cohort of like-minded individuals who will help me ascertain my dream.