Student, Class of 2023

Extracurricular Activities
Student American Hygiene Association Vice President, International Externship Participant.

A Little Bit About Me
I am a mother of three beautiful little girls, and I decided to go back to school around the age of 25 to better their futures. I live in Klamath Falls and am a dental hygiene student. I spend a lot of my spare time outdoors and hanging out with my girls. I feel like it is important to have strong, independent women in this world and my plan is to raise my little girls to be that and greater.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major
What made me want to choose this major is that I am passionate about oral health care. I have been a dental assistant for several years, and I found it to be important to not just help out with oral care but be part of the change. I think being a dental hygienist puts me in a position to advocate for those who need greater oral health care.

My Influential Professors
An influential professor is Mrs. Jeannie Bopp. She commits her time to developing oral health care for the underserved in third-world countries. I admire her willingness to help when needed and always respond with a good attitude. 

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech
My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech is the hands-on labs that I am currently enrolled in. I enjoy getting to take my experience and learning the skills I need to take into my professional career after I graduate. 

My Plans After Graduation
After graduating, I plan to work at a dental office. I plan to start a trust fund for my children to be able to go to college without needing financial assistance. In the end, I would love to move to Texas and become a lobbyist for dental hygiene to advocate for the rules and certification of hygienists.