Student, Class of 2023
White City, Oregon

A Little Bit About Me
I have lived in Oregon my entire life, essentially all of which has been in Jackson County. I am the youngest of four children and am a first-generation college student, alongside my next oldest brother. We are both dedicated to earning our degrees to make a positive impact on our family’s lives, as well as the lives of others. I've always had a deep interest in math and science, and they were consistently my favorite classes throughout my schooling career. Nowadays, I can't help but see the world through the lens of mathematics and physics. I always look at everyday objects and think about the mechanics, the material properties, the applied forces, etc. It's safe to say I love my major!

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major
I chose Oregon Tech because it had a small campus feel while still providing excellent education. The job rates after graduation are commendable, so it made it an intriguing offer compared to other schools. I chose my major in Mechanical Engineering because I was inspired by video creators I had watched as a kid. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on figuring out how the world and technologies work.

My Influential Professors
One heavily influential professor would have to be Irina Demeshko-Prosnik. Every class that I have had with her has been a favorite, regardless of the subject matter. She provides excellent instruction in meaningful and interesting ways. She is always willing to help in and outside of class, which is extremely valuable for so many of her students. Another influential professor I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes with is Dongbin Lee. He worked incredibly hard in many areas of the school, and much like Irina, was always willing to help students with anything they needed.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech
I believe that the greatest learning experience I’ve had at Oregon Tech is one that I’m currently experiencing, Senior Project. My Senior Project team and I were tasked with creating a hyper-stabilizing drone, and this project has been an in-depth look into the processes of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, and redesigning a product. I’ve learned so much with this project and it has provided a bit of insight into what it means to be an engineer.

My Plans After Graduation
After graduating with my degree, I plan on going to work at a large company for about five years to gain experience in the industry. After that, I’d love to work for a smaller firm where I’d have a wider variety of responsibilities and have a larger part in the business. I hope to have a prosperous future where I’ll be able to help people through my work, as well as be able to provide scholarships for future engineering students who are looking to make a positive impact on the world.