Student, Class of 2025
Myrtle Point, Oregon

Extracurricular Activities
I am currently working as a student worker at Oregon Tech's cashier office. This has allowed me to get to know other students as well as help many of them with questions or concerns they may have.

A Little Bit About Me
I enjoy hiking, playing sports, gaming, and spending time with my cat. I have always loved the outdoors and the beautiful scenery that comes with Oregon. I even get to take my cat on some of the hikes with me so that he can explore the outside world as well. My favorite sport to play is softball, but I also like volleyball a lot too!

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major
I chose Oregon Tech for the hands-on learning opportunities. Hands-on learning is the best form of learning for me, and when I found out that they even had a Nursing program at the college that is through Oregon Health and Science University, I knew this was the college for me. I have always been driven towards helping others and devoting my time in ways that I can assist others and this program allows me to further pursue that drive. Oregon Tech also has some of the best professors that I have ever experienced who are truly dedicated to the learning of the students.

My Influential Professors
I have two major influential professors here at Oregon Tech. My first one is Danta Smith. She is the kindest, sweetest, and most helpful professor I have had the luxury of having. I took her archaeology class because it sounded like it would be fun, and so far it has been my favorite class that I have ever taken! She made the class so fun and interesting and made the students genuinely want to learn. My other influential professor is Trevor Petersen. He is the person that inspired me to get a dual major in nursing and applied psychology. I originally was not a huge fan of the psychology classes that I had taken, but once I took a class through him for psychology, he completely changed my outlook. I loved the way he teaches as well as how he truly cares about the students and giving them a good education. He has been one of the most informative professors that I have learned from and he is so open to questions and makes you feel comfortable enough to ask all of your questions you may have. He even encourages you to ask questions so that you are actively engaging and learning. Both of these professors are absolutely phenomenal and I always recommend them to other students any chance I can get.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech
My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech thus far has definitely been the moment that I got accepted into the nursing program. At that moment, I felt so grateful to all of the professors who had helped me get to where I am today as well as all of the scholarship donors who have believed in me. I truly felt like I was accomplishing great things and I have so much more accomplishments to come. While this experience may not directly be related to Oregon Tech and learning academically, I learned that all of my hard work has paid off and that it was not all for nothing. I learned that I have so much potential and can do great things in my life as long as I put my mind to it and chase after my goals.

My Plans After Graduation
My plans for the future are to work at Asante Hospital in Medford, Oregon, and to work towards building a nice life and family with my boyfriend of three years. Additionally, I want to further my education in psychology and get my master's degree so that I can eventually counsel people as well as pursue nursing. I would really love the flexibility of being able to be a nurse or a counselor for people since they both help others out in different ways and can give me less opportunity for burnout in my career field. When I eventually have children, I would like to have more time with them so counseling as my career would fit best during that period of time so that my schedule will align better with theirs.