Tim Hasty, Oregon Tech Mechanical Engineering Student and Outdoor Program Student Director

Klamath Falls, OR
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Serves through June 30, 2022
Committee - Academic Quality and Student Success


Mr. Hasty graduated from the University of Western Oregon with a degree in Political Science in 2010. His enthusiasm for challenging himself led him to join the Army in 2009 where he led soldiers through kinetic combat operations in Afghanistan in 2012, bringing them all home alive and well. After leaving the Army in 2014 as a top Lieutenant, Mr. Hasty dedicated his time to helping homeless Veterans, He managed the Central Oregon Veterans Outreach center and under his guidance the center served as a model for other communities to help combat the crisis. Mr. Hasty then worked for the Oregon Health Authority, tasked with building and improving access to healthcare through the Oregon Health Plan for residents in six counties.

After working for the state Mr. Hasty and his wife packed up their camper van and drove, and drove, and drove some more...to the tip of South America. It took them a year and half and after much time to think and ponder his next move, he realized he loved being challenged mechanically. Upon returning to Oregon they moved to Klamath Falls. Mr. Hasty transitioned his career path towards a STEM field and used the GI Bill to enroll at Oregon Tech as a Mechanical Engineering student. In addition to being a student, he is also the Student Director of the Outdoor Program on campus. Mr. Hasty's education, work, and travel experiences have made him aware of how important it is to be involved, be active and give back to your community.