President Naganathan and Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) are focused on assuring student success and building on the university’s reputation. The Faculty Senate plays an important role in this and in furthering the institution’s mission. However, recently the Senate has called for the resignation of President Naganathan.

Dr. Naganathan informed the Oregon Tech campus community today:

“I write to you today with thoughts and points of reflection as your university president, and to assure you that I am committed to carrying out my presidential duties and responsibilities as we chart our path forward, out of this pandemic and into a chapter that I hope is marked with growth and innovation. I remain honored and humbled to serve as the president of Oregon Tech. As president, I remain committed to respectful dialogue and open communication. I have heard and actively listened to many of you – those who are enthusiastic about the opportunities and believe the changes are positive, and those voices of concern who believe that the administration needs to do more to understand and address their concerns. I and members of the senior leadership remain committed to continue to listen to your individual and collective voices. When such concerns are presented with supporting details, we can address the issues with more precision. Immediate action cannot always be taken. However, we can listen, learn, and, as soon as prudent and possible, proceed. I am writing to emphasize that to be successful, we must adapt to the times. To accomplish this, we must work together and value each other—even when we disagree. We are all unique, from various backgrounds and cultures, with different experiences, ideologies, and politics. This is a strength and an asset. When we offer respect to one another and believe in our collective vision for Oregon Tech, we CAN achieve our goals and we CAN be Oregon Tech Together.”

Oregon Tech enrollment is currently stable, and residence halls have been almost fully occupied, even during this pandemic year. The Klamath Falls campus is seeing unprecedented capital and infrastructure improvements; students are successful both academically and professionally; diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are clearly advancing; service for veteran and military-affiliated students are visible and strong; and donors and friends are engaged philanthropically more than ever. When so many colleges and universities across the nation are struggling with lay-offs, reduced programs, and some even closing their doors, Oregon Tech will remain committed to fostering student and graduate success.




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