(2022) Active Projects


  • Scope: Renovation of 47,000 square foot education building
  • Funding: UPE 803 / XI-Q Bond
  • Status: Project Underway
  • Start Date: February 2022
  • Completion Date: June 2023

(2021) Active Projects

Scope: New roundabout at Campus Way-Dan O'Brien intersection
Funding: UPE 803 / XI-Q Bond
Status: Design 90% complete
Start Date: June 2021
Completion Date: September 2021

Campus Way

Scope: Completion of two unfinished spaces in the lower level of DOW
Funding: Program funded / DPT001
Status: Design underway
Start Date: June 2021
Completion Date: September 2021

DOW Physical Therapy Department

Scope: Addition to existing building
Funding: Department funded / SHS301 and SHS601
Status: Design 70% complete
Start Date: June 2021
Completion Date: December 2021


Scope: Renovation of OT track facility
Funding: Will provide when available
Status: Design completed
Start Date: May 2021
Completion Date: September 2021


Scope: Partial exterior renovation of existing building
Funding: UPE 797 / Capital Improvement and Renovation (CIR)
Status: Design underway
Start Date: June 2021
Completion Date: September 2021

Snell Hall exterior renovation