Maddyson Tull

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Respiratory Care
“Being able to share that with our student body and the community was a really cool experience. ”
Maddyson Tull

Wyatt Keady

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Geomatics
“When your career revolves around two things you love it is certain to bring you joy in the future.”
Keady Wyatt

Ellen Patrice Hilliker

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Echocardiography
“The heart is one of the most crucial organs in the body; without it life wouldn't be possible. It’s amazing how resilient the heart is. Despite pathology, it's still able to function! As an echocardiographic, I feel like an investigator for patient care.”

Katie Contreras

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Dental Hygiene
“An influential professor is Mrs. Jeannie Bopp. She commits her time to developing oral health care for the underserved in third-world countries. I admire her willingness to help when needed and always respond with a good attitude.”

Kenden Wilson

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Mechanical Engineering
“My Senior Project team and I were tasked with creating a hyper-stabilizing drone, and this project has been an in-depth look into the processes of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, and redesigning a product. I’ve learned so much with this project and it has provided a bit of insight into what it means to be an engineer.”

Tuyen Tran

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Echocardiography
“Now that I am on extern, I can easily say that this is the best learning experience I have had at Oregon Tech. It is not an opportunity many healthcare students have to be able to learn and train hands-on for their desired position in a hospital or clinical setting.”

Shannon Bowdle

Student Class of 2023 | Dental Hygiene
“I really enjoy having all the different pod instructors as coaches. Their combined experience helps inform my education/training. I enjoy seeing my own growth through their instruction, and I am convinced that I will be more than prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.”

Kevin Tu

Student Class of 2023 | Information Technology
“Many other schools I looked at only provided various types of engineering and programming degrees while I was much more interested in the hardware and network of computing. At Oregon Tech, the school has more variety in the types of programs relating to computers rather than just engineering and programming.”

Ashley Ripplinger

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences
“The tight-knit environment and the outdoor activities offered here in Klamath Falls drew me in. I chose Civil Engineering and Environmental Science because I would like the combine the two and become an environmental engineer to try and protect the planet we live on.”

Mackenzie Peterson

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Biology-Health Sciences
“This academic year has been the hardest learning year I have had so far, but luckily I had multiple courses with Dr. HuiYun Li for Anatomy and Physiology and Dr. Travis Lund for Organic Chemistry and Genetics. They both are incredible professors and helped me to gain vital knowledge for my future profession and major.”

Mia Smith

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Applied Psychology
“Experiencing college so far from home and being a part of a collegiate sports team, I have acquired this new sense of responsibility and independence to succeed at the ability I know I can.”

Tessa Lessard

Student Class of 2023 | Applied Psychology
“Oregon Tech has a number of dedicated and professional students. This creates a very studious atmosphere that drew me into admission.”

Brendan Dickerson

Student Class of 2023 | Electrical Engineering
“Oregon Tech offers flexibility for people in the workforce, and I had heard good things about their Electrical Engineering program. I had been an electronics hobbyist for some time and over the pandemic, I decided to go back to school and widen my understanding of electronics.”

Rajvi Patel

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Accounting
“At Oregon Tech, the average class size is between 10-15 students who are given a personalized education working alongside dedicated business faculty leaders.”

Shawn Ostrander

Student Class of 2026 | Cybersecurity
“I bring many new qualities to Oregon Tech. I am a Latino coming from a rural town, and as such will be able to put forward many new solutions to problems coming from my background.”

Adama Toure

Student Class of 2023 | Renewable Energy Engineering
“Since I started at Oregon Tech, I've learned how to work in a group to develop complex ideas and projects. Things that were extremely daunting for me at first are now normal. For instance, building my own power supply, or a control for a stepper motor. The time spent on building and troubleshooting is really my greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech.”

Jade Kast

Student Class of 2023 | Medical Laboratory Science
“I chose Oregon Tech for the Medical Laboratory Science program because it is a rigorous program that will be beneficial for me in order to start my career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I really look forward to getting hands-on job experience during the externship portion of the program.”