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Board Committees

The Oregon Tech Board of Trustees has three standing committees. Materials and records for standing committees are posted with the Board meeting agendas and materials, minutes, and call to meeting notices under Meetings & Events.

Executive Committee

This committee is comprised of two components: the Executive and Governance Committees of the Board. The EC may represent and take action on behalf of the Board. Matters concerning board membership development and board performance are considered by the Governance Committee

Finance and Facilities Committee

The Finance and Facilities Committee also sits as the Audit Committee of the Board. Audits, the budget, investments and finances, tuition and fees, real property, personal property and risk management are considered by the FFC.

Academic Quality and Student Success Committee

The AQSSC considers matters pertaining to the teaching, research, and public service programs. This may include faculty and staff matters, educational policy, and student welfare.

Board photo 20152015 Founding Board Members

Committee Members

Executive Committee

Lisa Graham, Chair
Jeremy Brown
Dan Peterson
Steve Sliwa
Paul Stewart
Fred Ziari
Nagi Naganathan, ex-officio and non-voting

Finance and Facilities Committee

Steve Sliwa, Chair
Jessica Gomez
Vince Jones
Jill Mason
Paul Stewart

Academic Strategies Committee

Jeremy Brown, Chair
Nicole Galster
Kathleen Hill
Kelley Minty Morris
Celia Núñez
Dan Peterson