Courses Granted for Dental Hygiene National Board Exam

Course Description Credits
DH 100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene 2
DH 221/222/223 DH Clinical Practice & Seminar I, II, and III 11
DH 225 Head and Neck Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology 3
DH 240/241/242 Prevention I, II, and III 9
DH 244 General and Oral Pathology 3
DH 252/253 Oral Radiology I and II 5
DH 254 Introduction to Periodontology 2
DH 266 Dental Anatomy 2
DH 267 Emergency Procedures 3
DH 275 Dental Ethics 2
DH 321/322/323 DH Clinical Practice & Seminar IV, V, and VI 12
DH 340 Emerging Oral Health Topics 3
DH 341 Vulnerable Populations 3
DH 344 Advanced General & Oral Pathology 3
DH 354 Periodontology 3
DH 363 Dental Materials 3
DH 380/381 Community Dental Health I, II 3
DH 421/422/423 DH Clinical Practice & Seminar VII, VIII, IX 14
   Total Credits for Dental Hygiene National Board Exam  86

Courses Granted for State License with Anesthesia

Course Description Credits
DH 351 Pain Management I*
DH 352 Pain Management II*
   Total Credits for State License with Anesthesia  5

Professional Courses

AHED 450Instructional Methods3
DH 401Overview of Advanced Dental Hygiene3
DH 454Dental Practice Management3
DH 470 Community Assessment & Program Planning
DH 475Evidence-Based Decision Making in Healthcare3
 Humanities elective6
or MATH 111Z
Elementary Statistics I or
Precalculus I: Functions
SPE 321Small Group and Team Communication3
 Communication elective (from General Education list)3
 Dental Hygiene elective (approved by advisor)3
 Dental Hygiene elective (approved by advisor)3
 Dental Hygiene elective (approved by advisor)3
 Total Professional Course Credits40

General Education Courses (Transfer or take with Oregon Tech)

BIO 105Microbiology4
BIO 205Nutrition3
BIO 231Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 232Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 233Human Anatomy & Physiology III4
CHEGeneral Chemistry with Lab4
 DH 360 (or CHE 360)Clinical Pharmacology for Dental Hygiene3
 Humanities elective3
MATH 100Intermediate Algebra (prerequisite for MATH 243/MATH 111) 
 Social Science elective3
 Social Science elective3
 Social Science elective3
SOC 204Introduction to Sociology3
COM 111ZPublic Speaking4
WRI 121ZComposition I4
WRI 122ZComposition II4
WRI 227ZTechnical Writing4
  Total Gen. Ed. Credits53

* These credits may be granted for additional state licensure exams or by individual course transfer.


Students must complete all course requirements listed above and take at least 45 credits from Oregon Tech to earn a degree. Note: Oregon Tech is on a quarter system.