Resilience, Emergency Management and Safety

Resilience, Emergency Management and Safety (REMS) provides strategic leadership over the university’s business continuity, emergency management and environmental health and safety portfolio. The department works collaboratively with key stakeholders to build organizational and individual resilience to adverse events, business disruptions, emergencies, hazardous environmental conditions, safety risks and public safety incidents.  

In conjunction with its campus and community partners, Business Continuity and Emergency Management provides plans and procedures; conducts training, drills and exercises; and offers resources to support campus-wide readiness against all-hazards and threats. Through awareness programs, consultation services, inspections, training and written guidance Environmental Health and Safety continuously shapes a university-wide culture of compliance and safety.

Reducing the impact of business disruptions on university operations. Preparing and responding to emergencies occurring on campus. Creating a culture of safety through consultation, inspections, and training.