About Our Program

The Minor in Health Informatics requires 18 credits and will support professionals working in the health care industry. Every position within a health care organization interacts with technology. The Health Informatics minor will expose students to the database systems, health information systems, management processes, and data used to improve efficiencies and patient care. Students will learn how informatics plays an important role in today’s health care system and how using technology can improve their on-the-job efficiency and the overall patient experience.

Health Informatics majors are not eligible to complete this minor.


To see which quarter(s) each class will be offered during the current academic year, please review our Annual Planning Schedule.

Course Description
BUS 313
Health Care Systems and Policy  3
BUS 317 Health Care Management
MIS 255
Health Informatics Concepts and Practices
MIS 275
Introductions to Relational Databases
MIS 345
Health Care Information Systems Management
MIS 357
Information and Communication Systems in Health Care

A grade of C or better in the HI minor courses is required.