About Our Program

The Psychology Minor requires a minimum of 24 credits in psychology courses. A minor in Psychology provides the opportunity to learn valuable information about human development, brain functioning, social interactions, assessment of psychological disorders, implementation of evidence-based interventions, and human mental and physical health that can be applied to various career fields. The psychology minor is open to all majors and is especially recommended for students majoring in allied health and medical sciences, management, and communication studies.


Please consult your advisor for minor information.


Course Description Credits
PSY 201 Psychology 3
PSY 202 Psychology 3
PSY 203 Psychology 3
Psychology Elective   3
Upper Division Psychology Electives   12

For all courses counted toward the Psychology Minor, a letter grade of "C" or better is required to be awarded the minor. At least 12 credits of courses in this minor must be completed at Oregon Tech. Students are encouraged to consult with the Applied Psychology Advising Coordinator to select psychology courses that would be most applicable to their major and/or career goals.