Starting with Summer Term 2019, Canvas is the course management software used by Oregon Tech to offer courses via the internet. You will login to a secure web site and find instructions, syllabus, course content, email and discussion tools, and any exams, activities, or assignments your instructor has set up for the course. Our online courses are not self-paced; they include structure and deadlines to keep you on track. Some courses require a proctor for test taking. Each course usually includes a separate textbook, which you can purchase online at the Oregon Tech Bookstore.

This webpage will be your "go-to" location for all Canvas help material. Note that there are links to Canvas web pages on the right side of this page that contain help documents and videos.

You can call Canvas Support for technical questions with using Canvas.  Our dedicated phone number is 541-205-9323.  To check the status of Canvas in general, please check this website.

Oregon Tech will use Canvas starting with Summer Term 2019 classes. 
You access Canvas by logging into TECHweb.  A Canvas icon will display on that page.
Typically your classes will start displaying on the first day of the term.  Prior to that day, you may only see the Student Orientation class in Canvas.

There are links on the right side of this page to Canvas provided help documents and videos.  You can always do an internet search as well. 

Canvas is updated about every three weeks, and any campus who uses Canvas is on the same version.  The Canvas help material will be kept up-to-date by Canvas personnel.
Yes.  All Oregon Tech students have access to a student Canvas training class right in your Canvas account.  This class covers all sorts of topics besides Canvas help.
Oregon Tech has paid for Canvas Support to provide 24/7/365 technical support to all faculty and students. 

You can call, email or chat with them for any of your technical Canvas questions.  Their contact information is listed in the Help icon in the bottom left corner of your Canvas account.

Please note that if you have a question about a due date or need an explanation about an assignment, you should contact the faculty member teaching your class instead.  You can use the Inbox in Canvas to send an email message to your instructor.
If your question is a technical "how to" type, please contact Canvas support.  Their information is located in the Help icon in the bottom left corner of your Canvas account.

For all questions related to the material, due dates, missed quizzes, etc, please contact the faculty member who is teaching your class by using the Inbox in Canvas.

Yes.  A Mac computer will work with Canvas. You might want to install the Mozilla Firefox browser to use in case Safari doesn't work well with something. Firefox can be downloaded for free from

Canvas Guides

How to install Canvas Student app
Note that not all Canvas features may be available on the app. You have to be officially enrolled in an Oregon Tech class before you can use this app.