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General Education Requirements

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To earn an Oregon Tech bachelor's degree, online degree completion students must complete the college general education requirements, the major requirements, the total required credit hours for the degree, and at least 45 credits taken from Oregon Tech, exclusive of credit for prior learning or credit by exam. Some of these courses may need to be taken at other institutions, while some are available online through Oregon Tech. When transferring credits from another school, Oregon Tech will evaluate those credits to determine which requirements your courses will meet. 

Online degree completion programs usually specify certain courses to satisfy the general education requirements. For more information, review your degree check sheet or contact the Online Office.


Communication Requirement

Oregon Tech students are required to complete 18 credits in communication courses. Online degree completion students must take the following specified courses:

Communication Requirement
SPE 111 Fundamentals of Speech 
SPE 321  Small Group and Team Communication 
WRI 121  English Composition 
WRI 122  English Composition 
WRI 227  Technical Report Writing 
  Communication Elective from the General Education List (for Dental Hygiene, Echocardiography, Radiologic Science, and Vascular Technology students) 
WRI 327  Advanced Technical Writing (required in TM and OM online programs) 
WRI 350  Documentation Development (required in IT online programs)
WRI 410  Grand Proposal Writing (required in Healthcare Management and HI online programs) 
COM 205  Intercultural Communication (required for Respiratory Care students) 

Humanities Requirement

Oregon Tech students are required to complete nine credits in humanities. No more than three credits of activity or performance-based courses may be used in this category. The following prefixes/subject areas count as humanities:

Humanities Requirement
ART  Art
LIT Literature 
HUM  Humanities 
MUS  Music 
PHIL  Philosophy 
Languages  Second year only 
Online degree completion students may select humanities courses of their choice from the above subject areas 

Social Science Requirement

Oregon Tech requires 12 credits of social science. The online degree completion programs include a combination of specified and non-specified social science requirements. For more information, review your degree check sheet or contact the Online Office. The following prefixes/subject areas count as social science:

Social Science Requirement 
ANTH Anthropology 
ECO Economics (ECO 202 Microeconomics may not be used to satisfy both business electives and social science general education requirements)
GEOG Geography (GEOG 105 and GEOG 115 may not be used to satisfy social science credits) 
HIST History 
PSCI Political Science 
PSY Psychology 
SOC Sociology 

Technology Requirement

Some academic departments may establish specific requirements for demonstrating computer proficiency. Online degree completion students meet this requirement by completing an online program.

Science/Mathematics Requirement

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Oregon Tech requires one college-level mathematics course for which at least intermediate algebra is the prerequisite. Online degree completion programs each specify which mathematics course(s) are required for the degree. Remedial or developmental courses, including MATH 100, cannot be used for graduation.  For more information, review your Degree Works Audit or contact the Online Office.

Students must also complete at least 12 credits as specified by the department from biological sciences (BIO, CHE), mathematics (MATH), physical sciences (PHY), geography (GEOG) or geology (GEOL). At least four credits must be completed from a laboratory-based science course in BIO, CHE, GEOG, GEOL or PHY.

Upper-Division Requirement

Oregon Tech requires that students complete a minimum of 60 credits of upper-division work before a degree will be awarded. Upper-division work is defined as 300- and 400-level classes at a bachelor's degree-granting-institution.

Math/Science/Social Science Distribution Requirement

Oregon Tech requires the student to opt between completion of 36 credits in mathematics and science or 45 credits in mathematics, science and social science. Students placed at a higher beginning level of mathematics than is published in the curriculum of their major may choose to substitute those mathematics credits surpassed by their accelerated level of placement with electives from any department.

The online degree completion programs have included the distribution requirements in the program design. For more information, contact the Online Office.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students who graduated from high school in 1997 or after, who did not complete two years of a foreign language in high school with a C- or better, must complete two terms of college-level foreign or second language in order to receive an Oregon Tech degree.