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Non-Degree Seeking

Fall Term Begins

Oregon Tech offers online courses for non-degree seeking students who:

  • Would like to take an online course for professional or personal development purposes.
  • Are off-campus and need to take prerequisites for your future program.
  • Need to take an Oregon Tech class to transfer to another institution.
  • Are completing the 3B admission option.

A successful applicant and Oregon Tech student will:

  1. Take responsibility for their education and success.
  2. Conduct themselves in a professional manner
  3. Review the presented material thoroughly before asking follow up questions

Required for Medical or Nursing School

Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II, III - BIO 231, 232, 233
A fully online, three-term course sequence.

Intro to General Chemistry and Laboratory - CHE 101, 104
An introduction of chemical concepts including atomic structure, chemical equation, and more.

Medical Terminology - BIO 200
Basic structure of medical works including prefixes, suffixes, roots and combining forms.

Principles of Biology - BIO 211
Principles of modern biology emphasizing form and function of multicellular plants, major invertebrate phyla and general vertebrate morphology and physiology. 

Nutrition - BIO 205
A study of the relationships of food and nutrition to health. An overview of the basic nutrition principles including the nutrients and how they function in the body, nutrient requirements, diet planning and energy balance. Syllabus

Human Genetics - BIO 235
Genetic concepts using human examples, including the molecular and cellular basis of inheritance, patterns of inheritance, basic pedigree analysis, mutation, single-gene and polygenic diseases, and an introduction to genetic biotechnology.

Essentials of Pathophysiology - BIO 336
Study of dynamic aspects of disease process with emphasis on abnormal physiology. Detailed discussion of cellular alternations, normal immunology, neoplasia, inflammation and alterations of the respiratory and skeletal systems and Diabetes Mellitus.

Pathophysiology I - BIO 346
Study of the dynamic aspects of the disease process with emphasis on abnormal physiology. Detailed discussion of cellular alterations, normal and abnormal immunology, neoplasia, inflammation, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac and vascular diseases.

Pathophysiology II - BIO 347
Study of the dynamic aspects of the disease process with emphasis on abnormal physiology. Detailed discussion of alterations of respiratory function, liver and digestive system, neurologic, urinary, musculoskeletal disorders, and Diabetes Mellitus.

Popular Courses

Intro to Dental Hygiene I - DHE100
A required prerequisite for Oregon Tech's Dental Hygiene program.

Intro to Medical Imaging - MIT 103
A required prerequisite for Oregon Tech's Medical Imaging program.

Intro to Renewable Energy - REE 201
Ideal for students interested in the field of renewable energy.

First Year Spanish - SPAN101, 102
An introduction to elementary Spanish.


MRI Certificate
A 20 credit certificate for radiology or non-degree students that explores the science behind magnetic resonance imaging.

Picture Archiving & Communications Systems (PACS) Certificate
An 18 credit certificate that trains and prepares you for the managing of digital medical image networks.

Application Process

Full admission to Oregon Tech is not required. Financial aid is not offered to non-degree seeking students but a payment plan is available. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Submit the Non-Degree Seeking Application. Select General Studies Online as your major.
  2. Watch for an email from the Admissions Office about registration.
  3. Register yourself for classes when registration opens.

Non-degree seeking students do not pay application fees since they are not attending a degree program and are limited to 8 credits per term.

Once registered you are responsible for the tuition and fees. The payment and refund schedule, along with the payment plan application, is located on the Cashier’s Office website. The Academic Calendar details important registration dates and withdraw deadlines.

Fall Term Begins

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