Communication Courses

COM 111ZPublic Speaking4
SPE 321Small Group and Team Communication3
WRI 121ZComposition I4
WRI 122ZComposition II4
WRI 227ZTechnical Writing4
 Communication Elective3
 Total Communication Credits18

Humanities Courses 

 Humanities Elective3
 Humanities Elective3
 Humanities Elective3
 Total Humanities Credits9

Math/Science/Social Science Courses

MATH 111ZPrecalculus I: Functions4
STAT 243ZElementary Statistics I 4
MATH 361Statistical Methods I4
PSY 225Applied Statistics4
 Laboratory Science Elective4
 Laboratory Science Elective4
 Laboratory Science Elective4
 Social Science Elective3
 Social Science Elective3
 Social Science Elective3
 Social Science Elective3
 Total Math/Science/Social Science Credits32

Applied Psychology Courses*

PSY 201Psychology3
PSY 202Psychology3
PSY 203Psychology3
PSY 215Abnormal Psychology I3
PSY 216Abnormal Psychology II3
PSY 301Basic Counseling Techniques4
PSY 311Human Growth and Development I3
PSY 312Human Growth and Development II3
PSY 313Psychological Research Methods I4
PSY 317Field and Career Preparation3
PSY 330Social Psychology I3
PSY 331Social Psychology II3
PSY 334Behavior Modification I4
PSY 335Behavior Modification II4
PSY 339Biopsychology3
PSY 455Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 475Capstone in Applied Psychology3
 Applied Experience** 12
 Total Applied Psychology Credits67


 Total Elective Credits54

* All Applied Psychology courses must be completed with a "C" or better.
** Applied Experience--Students must complete at least 12 credits of the following: PSY 420, PSY 421, PSY 422, PSY 423, PSY 497.

In addition to completing the required courses listed above, students must also meet the following requirements prior to graduation:

  • Successfully complete at least 60 credits of upper division course work (300- and 400-level).
  • Successfully complete at least 45 Oregon Tech credits.