Collection Descriptions

The Shaw Historical Library detailed descriptions for collections are found on the Archives West website. Please provide the title of the collection, the series (if there is one), the box, the file, and/or the item information, so that we will be able to find and scan the item(s) for you. The number of scans that we may provide depends on any copyright or intellectual property rights that may apply and is limited to 10.

  1. J. D. Howard Papers The collection consists of correspondence on various topics to and from J. D. (Judson Dean) Howard written between 1920 and 1959 and a folder of notes and miscellany dated from 1917 to 1934. J. D. Howard is best known as the “father” of Lava Beds National Monument in northern California.
  2. Modoc Indian Songs and Documentation Leslie Spier recorded traditional songs sung by several Modoc tribal members in 1934. The collection consists of two audio tape cassettes of Modoc Indian songs and accompanying documentation.
  3. A. Harvey Wright Collection on Tribal Termination in Oregon As director of Indian education and training programs for the Oregon Department of Education in the 1950s and 1960s, A. Harvey Wright was very involved in implementing federal education and training programs, including preparations for federal termination of tribal status for several Indian tribes in Oregon. The collection consists of correspondence and documents related to federal termination of tribal recognition for the Klamath Tribes and other Oregon tribes in the 1950s.
  4. Nelson Reed and Nell Kuonen Collection on the Klamath River Compact Commission The collection consists of documents, photocopies and images from the Klamath River Commission addressing land and water use in the Klamath River watershed of Oregon and California. The Commission was instrumental in the creation of the 1957 Klamath River Compact. Nelson Reed was a founding member of the Klamath River Compact Commission. Nell Kuonen was appointed Federal representative and Chairperson of the Commission in 1983.
  5. Ida Odell Photographic Collection Ida Odell was a well known early twentieth century business woman in Klamath County, Oregon and founder of the Klamath County Historical Society. The collection consists of images of life in early Klamath County, Oregon around the end of the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century.
  6. Klamath Commandos Scrapbooks The Klamath Commandos was a private, womens military support organization operating in Klamath Falls, Oregon during World War II. The collection consists of three organizational scrapbooks.
  7. Charles H. Fiock Writings Charles H. Fiock documented his life, family history and the heritage of Shasta Valley, California and surrounding areas in several documents. The collection consists of Charles H. Fiock's writings: THE WAY IT WAS! (a hand-bound autobiography), Shasta Valley Review: Stories, Poetry, Commentary & Heritage (21 issues of a gazette with two compact discs), and The Old Globe (a hand-bound book to accompany a floor globe). The collection covers events dating from 1872 to 2008.
  8. Klamath Forest Protective Association Records The Klamath Forest Protective Association is a non-profit representing all private forest landowners in the Klamath-Lake District of Oregon. The collection consists of the organization’s records assembled in 2008 to mark its centennial anniversary.
  9. Harry Boivin Papers Harry Dolan Boivin served for 26 years in the Oregon Legislative Assembly including holding the offices of Speaker of the House and Senate President. The collection is composed of two series: Series I: Oregon Legislature Activity Scrapbooks covering the period 1935-1969 (6.5 linear feet, 13 boxes) and Series II: Personal Papers covering the period 1911-1990 (1 linear foot, 2 boxes).
  10. Robert Johnston Collection on Jesse D. Carr Robert B. (Burney) Johnston, educator and historian, is recognized for his research and publications on Jesse D. Carr and Monterey County, California. The collection consists of research material on California rancher and businessman Jesse D. Carr as well as Robert Johnston's correspondence, writings and presentations about his research.
  11. Janis Kafton Collection on Klamath County, Oregon Schools Janis Kafton was a Klamath County educator and amateur historian. The collection consists of information on school districts, school buildings, teachers and staff, school locations, school budgets, meetings, and a variety of images.
  12. Janis Kafton Collection on Klamath County, Oregon Local History The Janis Kafton Collection on Klamath County, Oregon Local History is organized by family, location, business, and organization. This series is made up of documents, photocopies, newspaper clippings, hand written notes, audio cassette tapes, card files, sketches, maps, and photographs covering the period 1905-2000. Janis Kafton was a Klamath County educator and amateur historian.
  13. Jack Bowden Logging Railroads Collection The collection consists of research material on Oregon, northern California, and northwestern Nevada logging and freight railroads, logging companies and mills in the area, correspondence, drafted maps, images, DVDs and maps. Jack Bowden (John Curtis Bowden) translated a life-long love of railroads into a career with the Southern Pacific Railroad, two books and a research collection created over 60 years.
  14. Alfred D. Collier Collection  The collection includes Collier’s extensive logging photograph collection; photographs, documents and letters documenting his World War I military service and family history materials. Alfred D. “Cap” Collier was a noted twentieth century lumberman and philanthropist in Klamath County, Oregon.
  15. Preservation of the Tule Lake Relocation and Segregation Center Collection The collection consists of materials collected by the Shaw Historical Library on the activities of the Tule Lake Committee and others to preserve the site of the Tule Lake Relocation and Segregation Center in northern California, the Tule Lake Pilgrimages, the site’s national historic landmark designation and the establishment of the Tule Unit of the World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument.
  16. Francis S. and Patricia L. Landrum Collection The collection focuses on Modoc Indians and the Modoc War of 1872-1873, John Charles Frémont's Second and Third Expeditions to the American West, and U.S. Supreme Court litigation between California and Nevada about a boundary dispute. Francis S. “Van” Landrum was a businessman, registered engineer and land surveyor in Klamath Falls, Oregon as well as a noted amateur historian and author.
  17. Devere and Helen Helfrich Collection The collection includes research materials gathered by Devere and Helen Helfrich as editors of the Klamath Echoes, photographs used in that publication, part of the Helfriches personal photography collection and annotated maps they used to trace emigrant trails in the western United States. Devere and Helen Helfrich were the official photographers of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association for many years, the editors of the Klamath Echoes, and had a long-time interest in tracing and documenting early emigrant trails in the western United States.
  18. Laurence L. Shaw Collection on the Klamath Basin Timber Industry The collection focuses on the connections between the Klamath Indian Reservation and the Klamath County, Oregon timber industry in the twentieth century. Laurence L. Shaw was a well-known Oregon timber man and philanthropist.
  19. Lewis and Edith Kandra Family Centennial Collection The collection consists of materials gathered and produced by family members to celebrate the centennial of Lewis and Edith Kandra's arrival in the Klamath Basin. Lewis and Edith Kandra homesteaded in 1911 and built a successful farming and ranching business. Some of their descendants continue in the agriculture industry today.
  20. Linsy Sisemore Papers The collection contains daily transactions for ranching and dry goods activities, letters, and the 1889-1892 journal of the Board of Trustees for the town of Linkville.
  21. Carrol Howe Collection Carrol Howe was a Klamath County educator, state representative, writer and an active member of the community. The collection contains miscellaneous materials related to his career as a politician and an educator.
  22. Cora Conner Collection Cora Conner worked as a telephone operator in Bly in 1945. Collection contains materials related to the 1945 Japanese balloon bomb explosion in Bly, Oregon.
  23. Billie DeVaul Fitzhugh Family History Collection Billie DeVaul Fitzhugh was the daughter of William and Laura DeVaul. She grew up and spent her life in Barnes Valley, Langell Valley and Klamath Falls, Oregon. The collection consists of her unpublished memoir, "A Short History of the DeVaul Family As I Remember It," with memories from 1928-2003.
  24. Donald D. Phelps Collection The collection consists of an unbound, unpublished memoir covering the period 1917-1992. Donald D. Phelps was born in Nebraska in 1916, moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1928 and spent the rest of his life, except for military service during World War II, in Klamath County, Oregon.
  25. Fairclo Family Papers Materials about the Fairclo Family were donated by their oldest daughter Marjorie F. Brissenden. Date range for this collection: 1850-2009. Jay A. Fairclo was born July 1st, 1895, in Yreka. He moved to Klamath County in the early 1900s, before serving in the Army during WWI. He served in Mt. Laki Community Church and School Board. Grace was born in 1895 and had met Jay when visiting from Kansas to see her aunt.

  26. Modoc Lumber Company Collection Modoc Lumber Company in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was a privately owned business, started by Laurence L. Shaw in 1945. The Company stayed in business until 1995, being the last mill on the shore of the Ewauna Lake. Collection contains books, maps, folders with documents, and other materials, related to the operations of the Company and creation of the Shaw Historical Library at Oregon Tech by Laurence Shaw.