Oral History:

Interview#: OH036
Interviewee: Laura Grabner
Interviewer: Barbara Ditman
Date: 8/24/2013
Location: Shaw Historical Library
Length: 1:09:556
Subjects: Klamath Tribes  

Time Index
0:00 - 1:37 Introductions.
1:37 - 18:04 Laura's early family history and ancestral background: Francis Picard was her grandfather, and Robert Whittle was his friend and business partner in fish packing. Frank Picard was her father.
18:04 - 23:21 Food preparation in Laura's family. Tribal preparation of salmon. Camping. C'wam ceremony.
23:21 - 32:00 Preparation of sucker fish.
32:00 - 40:50 Pow-wow and trading traditions with other tribes.
40:50 - 58:00 Boarding school. Laura's family life during these difficult years.
58:00 - 1:14:40 Laura's Tribal life in Chiloquin; she was raised by her grandmother: Fishing on the river; canning huckleberries; making wocus and cooking with wocus.
1:14:40 - 1:20:50 Current Tribal proposals. Don Gentry, current Tribal Chairman, leading efforts to educate tribal youth in appreciation and traditional care of salmon.
1:20:50 - 1:22:58 Raefield Benson, Jr., OIT student and Mary's nephew, introduces himself, and tells about his interest in Tribal salmon culture and the promotion of its traditions.
1:22:58 - 1:37:40 Mary Elizabeth Summers Gentry, Laura's daughter and wife of Don Gentry, introduces herself and tells about her strong interests in promoting historical tribal salmon culture:"caring for the salmon". An OIT graduate, she tells about her life and that of her mother--two very eventful and interesting lives.
1:37:40 - End All chat together enthusiastically before adjourning to meet for lunch.
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