Oral History:

Interview#: OH027
Interviewee: Molly O'Keeffe
Interviewer: Barbara Ditman
Date: 1/04/2012
Location: Home of Molly O'Keeffe
Length: 1:21:00
Subjects: O'Keefe family, sheep ranching, Malin

Time Index
0:00 - 5:56 Introductions; Molly's family.
5:56 - 12:30 Molly's first memory at three or four years old.
12:30 - 19:00 Dad as friend of Indians.
19:00 - 20:10 Molly's brothers & sisters; family brand; marriage to Bill O'Keeffe; Ireland family origins.
20:10 - 24:20 Happy holidays at home; sheep-herders included; losts of music - especially dancing to accordion & fiddle; Molly love to dance; step-dancing discussed; Christmas with oranges on the Christmas tree; an important doll remembered.
24:20 - 28:00 Family horses; care and riding important to Molly and ranching life.
28:00 - 29:15 Fun activities: potluck get-together in Lorella; dances; family model A Ford truck remembered.
29:15 - 31:10 Sheep trailed in Molly's married life, up to Yamsi Mountain; kinds of sheep; policies of raising and marketing lambs, "jacketing".
31:10 - 35:09 Problems with predators and policies of protection of predators causing disappearance of sheep ranching.
35:09 - 39:48 No difference seen between cattle and sheep in grass-eating habits.
39:48 - 41:35 Molly's schooling; early work in Malin Pharmacy; stress on importance of accepting responsibility in life. Czech people as farmers of grain, potatoes, rye in Malin area. Iris names notable in livestock raising in this area.
41:35 - 48:15 Molly roping a badger with her brother.
48:15 - 50:00 Home probably build by Molly's grandparents; no electricity, phone, or indoor plumbing. Saturday night tub baths. Bread made every day. Mother busy at home. Molly used to killing and preparing of chickens for meals.
50:00 - 53:20 Molly's married life involved sheep ranching: shearing, marketing. Most of these activities done by the men.
53:20 - 54:50 Her family still farming in the Malin area: potatoes, alfalfa, grains - all in rotation; Other products also now.
54:50 - 1:13:20 Molly's family, memories, and community involvement.
1:13:20 - 1:15:08 Biggest influence in Molly's life was her father; his illness and early death.
1:15:08 - 1:16:50 Her happiest time: "I love my life! I did it all! I love every day of it!".
1:16:50 - 1:21:00 Molly's final comments, on environmentalists and her life.
PIcture of Molly O'Keefe


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