Oral History:

Interview#: OH020
Interviewee: Nell Hallmark Kuonen
Interviewer: Barbara Ditman
Date: 11/16/2010
Location: Shaw Historical Library
Length: 1:02:38
Subjects: Water protests, Klamath Falls, Klamath Cruise   

Time Index
0:00 - 4:50 Introduction; Personal history; Family history (husband, Frank; son, Rocky; daughter, Rita).
4:51 - 8:28 Nell's businesses (mobile home park, golf course, RV park).
8:29 - 12:02 Involvement with the Shaw Historical Library and the Klamath County Museums; Choosing OIT as the location for the Shaw Historical Library.
12:03 - 15:41 Serving as the Commissioner of Klamath County and Chair man of the Board of Commissioners from 1976 to 1984 (co-workers and others: Ray Thorn, Alvin Cheyne, Floyd Wynne, Zon Gerbert, Jean Elzner).
15:42 - 22:19 Improved the Klamath County Fairgrounds; opening the Klamath Falls Airport's new routes to Bend and Redmond in 1983; comments on local transportation; History and usage of the airport.
22:20 - 31:39 Work with the Klamath River Compact Commission as chairman; Her son's work with Ronald and Nancy Reagan and President George H. W. Bush.
31:40 - 36:24 The 2001 water crisis protests; The effects of the government's water shut-off; The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and their effects of the local unrest.
36:25 - 44:01 Work with the Legislative Committee for the Association of Oregon Counties; Representation of Klamath County on the County on the Council of State Forest Trust Land Counties; Chairman of the Klamath Lake County Manpower Commission.
44:02 - 45:23 Earlier work experience; Frank's work experience.
45:24 - 46:48 Nell's inspiration, and reasons for her success and popularity.
46:49 - 50:32 Nell and Frank's classic cars; The Klamath Cruise.
50:33 - 54:12 Working with and knowing the people of the Klamath Basin; Private property and farmland rights.
54:13 - 1:00:48 Changes in the Klamath Basin (businesses, population, infrastructure); The urban growth boundary; Land development; George Flitcraft, Bertha Halpen.
1:00:49 - 1:02:38 Nell's Legacy.
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