Computer Use Guidelines

Oregon Tech Library welcomes community members and provides access to computers and the Internet with a guest login to these patrons during Library open hours.

Community patrons are encouraged to become familiar with the Oregon Tech Computer-Use Policy OIT-30-005. The policy displayed below is specific to Oregon Tech Libraries and augments the broader Oregon Tech Computer-Use policy.  Violations of the campus or library computer use policies may result in one or more of the following actions:

  • Patrons may be asked to modify or stop their behavior or to leave the Library
  • Patron behavior may be reported to campus security
  • Patrons may be suspended or banned from the Library

The Library computers are primarily intended for academic use by Oregon Tech affiliates, such as students, faculty and staff. Priority use for Library computers is for academic pursuits, such as course-related work, research and access to the Library resources. Any person using a computer for non-academic purposes may be asked to yield the computer to a waiting person with an academic need.

We ask that community users limit computer usage to 2 hours. Exceptions might be made for users with academic needs. In addition, the Library reserves the right to refrain from providing computer access to non-affiliated users during periods of high demand.

All study room computers are limited to use by Oregon Tech affiliates; they are not available to the general public.

All computers in the Library are equipped with DVD/CD drives. Headphones are available for check-out at the Access Services desk.

The Library has designated one computer workstation for users who need wheelchair access. Though this computer is generally available, the users are required to surrender it should a user with special needs require it.

All computers on the main floor are able to print to the virtual 'Follow-Me' printer. The virtual 'Follow-Me' printer is accessible throughout the campus. Non-Oregon Tech affiliates should ask for information regarding printing and photocopying at the Access Services desk.

For more information, please contact the Access Services Manager via email, or at 541.885.1776.