The Oregon Tech Library has 20 laptops available for students to borrow. These mobile devices have almost all of the same software as the desktop computers in the library.  Visit the Oregon Tech Library Help Desk in Klamath Falls (1st floor of the LRC building) to checkout a laptop. Oregon Tech students may borrow one laptop at a time for up to one week. See what is available

Borrower Agreement:  

When borrowing a laptop, the borrower agrees to the following: 

  • The library is not responsible for files left on a laptop. Documents should be saved to a flash drive, e-mailed, or printed. Documents saved to a laptop’s hard drive will be automatically deleted when the laptop is returned. 

  • Laptops must be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed. 

  • Borrower accepts full responsibility for the laptop and accessories and understands that the bundle is borrowed in their name. 

  • Borrowers are financially responsible for laptops and laptop accessories that are damaged, lost, or stolen. Replacement fees of up to $1200 will be assessed along with processing/overdue fines. 

  • Never leave a laptop unattended. 

  • Laptops may not be placed in book drops. They must be returned in person and handed to a library staff member at the Help Desk. 

  • Report any computer malfunctions at the time the laptop is returned. 

  • Borrowers agree to follow the Oregon Tech Computer-Use Policy OIT-30-005 and the Code of Ethics and Acceptable Use Policy and Student Conduct Code for Oregon Tech. 

  • That failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines will result – at a minimum - in the loss of the privilege to borrow from the Libraries. 


What happens if a laptop is returned late? 

Bad things. Late laptops are subject to a fine of $20.00 per hour, for any fraction of the hour late. This policy is to encourage users to return laptops on time and to allow the library to honor reservations made by other users. Users who repeatedly return machines late may be blocked from checking out laptops.  

Wait - $20.00 per hour for any fraction of the hour late? 

Correct. This means that if a laptop is due at 8:00 am and returned to the desk at 9:05 am, a $40.00 fine will be assessed via the university's Cashiers office because the second hour has started  

What about fine appeals? 

If a borrower wishes to appeal a fine, s/he can contact Please note that the following are generally not reasons we will waive a fine: 

  • unaware of loan period 

  • unaware of fine amount (these are both noted on the sheet in the laptop case)