Student Success Seminars

Freshman Students

New TOP first-year students are required to participate in the fall TOP Student Success Seminar. This three-term class is designed to help students transition to Oregon Tech, form connections with other students, get to know faculty and staff, learn about campus resources, and strengthen skills for college success.

Students will register for the class during the application process to TOP. The class is free for TOP students.

About the class:

ACAD 207 is our TOP Motivating Success academic course that you will take in fall, winter and spring along with the other students you met during Bridge. This class is worth one credit per term and will build on your Bridge experience with even more academic success information and learning experiences.

This course is a specially designed seminar to introduce TOP students into the Oregon Tech academic community and allow for opportunities to learn and practice skills and strategies for academic success. Oregon Tech is committed to student success and this course will be the first link for many students to resources and knowledge necessary for success. This Student Success Seminar course will assist and support students in becoming successful college students through exposure to collegiate life, goal clarification, resources and support systems, the learning process, health and wellness issues, and other common issues faced by first-year students. It will also assist students with integrating themselves into college life and culture, both in and out of the classroom. ACAD 207 uses a variety of resources and will include guest speakers, individual study and reflection, and other methods of exploring issues.