Our clinics and training centers represent the core of Oregon Tech’s educational and civic missions. Distinct in specialty, they each fuse together theoretical learning with practical experience in a manner that serves the community, either locally or globally. These centers are collaborative endeavors with industry partners and function as hands-on training grounds for university students.

The Behavior Improvement Group Applied Behavioral Analysis (BIG ABA) Clinic, which operates out of Klamath Falls, provides the highest quality of therapy for children on the autism spectrum within a 75-mile radius of the city. Students studying applied behavior analysis have opportunities to participate in paid, supervised work at the clinic.

The Dental Clinic, with locations in Klamath Falls and Salem, provides affordable and important dental services for families, seniors, and veterans—such as cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and whitening. Dental Hygiene students also participate in a full year of service-learning opportunities and provide oral health services worth thousands of dollars through community outreach programs.

The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) is a global partnership that unites universities and industry to benefit manufacturers across the U.S. and the world. Because Oregon Tech is the host university and facility owner, students and faculty are allowed to work directly on research and development projects that shape the manufacturing processes of companies such as Boeing, Daimler, and Blount.

The Oregon Renewable Energy Center (OREC) enables research and project-based activities for both public and private organizations, while promoting energy conservation and renewable energy use in the region. Students studying renewable energy engineering can learn and innovate in this critical space.

The Population Health Management Research Center (PHMRC) gives students direct experience in community-based research as they assess issues such as food insecurity and tobacco retail licensing, for example—through grants and contracts with public, nonprofit, and private entities. The center facilitates on-the-ground research that allows for data-driven policymaking concerning community health and welfare.


Oregon Tech welcomes new collaborations with external organizations, including private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Contact the Office of the Provost at provostoffice@oit.edu, or the President’s Office at president@oit.edu.