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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and

Strategic Enrollment Management

The Provost/Vice President is responsible for the integration and administration of Academic Affairs (AA) and Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM). The academic colleges and departments that report to the Provost/Vice President include the College of Engineering, Technology and Management (ETM); College of Health, Arts, and Sciences (HAS); Oregon Tech Online; Academic Advising and Retention; Academic Excellence; Admissions; Applied Research and Partnerships; Educational Partnerships and Outreach; Faculty Labor Relations; Financial Aid; Institutional Research; Oregon Renewable Energy Center; University Library; and University Registrar.

Academic Advising and Retention 

The Office of Academic Advising & Retention uses data and predictive analytics to design new student success programs and initiatives. This office partners with academics and student services to form a team dedicated to helping students succeed at Oregon Tech.

Academic Excellence

The Office of Academic Excellence oversees activities and methods required for an effective and comprehensive educational assessment program; and faculty development through the Commission on College Teaching.


The primary functions of the Admissions Office are to help prospective students investigate and evaluate Oregon Tech, to manage applications for admission and to assist applicants with the enrollment process. 

Applied Research and Partnerships

The Office of Applied Research and Partnerships cultivates relationships with industry partners; develops internship and externship sites; works to ensure classes utilize top-tier equipment and software for optimal learning experiences; secures external funding, such as grants and project sponsorships; and represents the university in various spaces, such as legislative advisory councils.

Educational Partnerships and Outreach

The Office of Educational Partnerships and Outreach (EPO) cultivates and maintains partnerships with area high schools and connects faculties, community colleges, and universities to provide increased educational opportunities and resources for students.

Faculty Labor Relations

The Faculty Labor Relations (FLR) office serves as the primary liaison between administration and faculty concerning the Oregon Tech - OT-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office provides high-quality service to all Oregon Tech students, their families and the community. Financial Aid personnel strive to provide information on a complex topic that enables students to make decisions regarding their educational funding.

Institutional Research

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research (IR) is to collect, analyze, and report institutional information and respond to data requests from state, federal and external agencies as well as internal constituents.

Oregon Renewable Energy Center

The Oregon Renewable Energy Center (OREC) promotes energy conservation and renewable energy use in Oregon and throughout the Northwest through applied research, educational programs, and practical information. 

University Library

The Oregon Tech Library is a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of more than 35 Pacific Northwest university and college libraries searchable in the library system. The Library serves current students, faculty, alumni, and community members.

University Registrar

Major functions of the Registrar’s Office are the maintenance of student records; registration; web services; grade processing; transfer-credit evaluation; community college articulation; degree checking; graduation; scheduling; enrollment certification; and the university catalog.

Joanna Mott
Vice President, Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment Management

SN, Provost's Office

Ken Sartain
Budget Director, AA/SEM

Contact Paul for AA and FLR support:

  • AA/FLR calendars and scheduling 
  • Provost's academic calendar
  • AA/FLR signatures 
  • Convocation
  • Contracts and notices
  • Equipment Proposals
  • ITR, PTR, promotion review processes
  • Outside Activities Requests
  • Resignations
  • FLR administrative and data support
  • AA/Faculty records administration including CV and transcripts collection

Contact Dede for AA and SEM support:

  • AA/SEM financial operations -- invoices, purchasing, travel
  • Academic Council
  • President's Council
  • Standing Committees, Commissions, Councils
  • Faculty Creativity Grants
  • Student-Faculty Innovation Proposals
  • Sabbatical Leave Requests
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEM administrative support
  • SEM staff records administration

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Marketing Specialist

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