Study Abroad Programs
Study Abroad
There are many opportunities for current students to gain international experience while attending Oregon Tech. Students who study abroad develop international skills and global understanding, and see the world in a whole new perspective. It is never too late to spread your wings and fly! Studying abroad is easier than you may think. Look into it now!

IE3 Global


This third-party organization has fully developed and supported study abroad programs, exchange partnerships, and international internships that are available to students throughout the Northwest.

Study Abroad Application Process

✔ Contact us at 503-821-1312 or email us to consider programs available and discuss options and processes

✔ Visit the IE3 Global website:
✔ Contact IE3 staff specific to program for deadlines and other information
✔ Complete IE3 application

✔ This is a 3-phase process
✔ Attendance at study abroad orientation required
✔ Oregon Tech interview with International Student Services

✔ Oregon Tech Financial Aid Office, as deemed your home school, needs to approve your study abroad program before any Title IV aid can be applied to the costs associated with that program
✔ Notify counselor of your participation in program
✔ Discuss options for financing

✔ To determine what courses to take
✔ Complete page 1 of the Course Approval Form to receive Oregon Tech credit
✔ Complete the IE3 Global Academic Advising Form
 ✔ Obtain all necessary signatures

✔ Meet with the Registrar's Office to register for courses
✔ You must be registered with Oregon Tech for the term(s) you are abroad (upon return, course/grade are finalized)

International Student Services


Individual Countries

Some countries provide study abroad and exchange opportunities through their own governments, or some other organization besides IE3 Global. The countries that are currently available to Oregon Tech students are listed below, with details pertaining to each. 


Turkey provides multiple scholarships, internships, and grants to American Students, focusing primarily on American minorities. Details for the various programs are listed below. 


Oregon Tech has an Exchange agreement with Metropolia University in Helsinki for various Technology degrees.

  • The application opens in September 15th and closes in November.
  • You must be nominated by Oregon Tech before filling out the application, so if you are interested, please email us and let us know.
  • Metropolia University offers these programs for Exchange Students: Electronics, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Media Engineering, Civil Engineering: Sustainable Building Engineering