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Support and well-being
The university community collectively fosters an environment that allows you to succeed.

The university is dedicated to offering students the academic, career, health, and wellness services they need, when they need them. Whether guidance on course selection or mental health counseling, we’re ready to assist students in overcoming the challenges associated with college life—and life itself. With the help of staff professionals and in some cases, students’ own peers, the Oregon Tech community collectively fosters an environment that allows all students to succeed.


Community-Based Student Resources

Community based student resources graphic that shows the title of the service, an owl with wings spread out between a mountain and a building.

Student Involvement & Belonging offers resources and staff to get students connected with local community-based support services in order to meet their basic needs with regards to financial instability, food-insecurity, housing needs locally, learning about navigating and applying to local, state, and federal need programs towards personal enrichment and student success. Campus-based programs for ALL students to benefit from include: Bird Feeder student food pantry, Owl Feathers Exchange clothing closet, and Book Depot textbook recycling program. 

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Academic Advising is available for all incoming Oregon Tech students. Our advisors meet with students individually to address a wide range of topics, including:

  • Finding and using campus resources
  • Understanding curriculum maps, transfer credits, and prerequisites
  • Time management and effective study/learning strategies
  • Social and emotional adaptation to college life

Peer Consulting Services is a free academic support service in which students help fellow students by providing advice and guidance on coursework.

Career Services

Connect with Career Services

Career Services gives students and alumni help with identifying job opportunities, learning interview dos and don’ts, and much more.

Career Fairs

Connects student & alumni with employers actively seeking new team members


Resume Resources

Students & alumni receive free career resources and support


Professional Development

Hands on education happens everywhere. Students are encouraged to continue their professional development through a wide variety of on-campus job opportunities.


Employee Management

Our professional staff are excited to connect employers of all kinds with Oregon Tech students, alumni, faculty, and staff in full-time and part-time work as well as internships or training opportunities

Health & Wellness


The Integrated Student Health Center provides illness and injury care, mental health counseling, crisis management, health education. All students enrolled in 6 credits or more pay a student health fee which makes them eligible to receive these benefits free of charge. 


Student Support Team


This team of Student Affairs personnel and partners meet weekly during the regular academic year to actively provide additional support for students who may be experiencing challenges of all kinds. Faculty, staff, or students can provide information to the group related to a student or students they are concerned for.  These concerns can range from academic, social, and/or emotional well being.  For more information or to report a concern, click here: Safe Campus


Financial Literacy

Owls Worth

Our Owls’ Worth financial literacy program offers free events and tutorials with advice on budgeting, loans, terminology, and more to help students make wise financial decisions both as a student and after graduation.


Military-affiliated Student Support

SVP Logo

Established in 1947 as a public university with the mission to help WWII veterans successfully transition back to civilian life through technical education, we’re proud of our military support history and deeply value our service members and their families. Today, Oregon Tech continues its legacy of military support and strives to provide not only a top-notch education for our active-duty service members, veterans and dependents, but works tirelessly to make their transition to and through the university experience as supportive and efficient as possible. From processing VA educational benefits to connecting military-affiliated students with broader campus and community resources, we’re here to help. Your success is our mission!

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The Tech Opportunities Program, or TOP, offers tutoring, financial aid and guidance, mentoring and more to first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities.