The intent of the math placement process is to ensure long-term student success and retention. The sequence of math classes leading to the calculus sequence is as follows:

  • Math 20
  • Math 70
  • Math 100
  • Math 111
  • Math 112
  • Math 251

As of June 2019, Oregon Tech uses ALEKS for math placement.

All new first year students (incoming freshman) must take the ALEKS placement exam. Transfer students who do not have transferable college credit for Math 112 or higher, or whose last math class was taken more than 12 months ago, must take the math placement exam.

Transfer students who have transferable college credit for Math 112 (or equivalent) or higher, within the past 12 months, do not need to take the math placement exam, and may enroll in the next course in the math sequence.
After earning a placement recommendation, students may register for the recommended course, or for Math 97 (summer term) or Math 101 (fall, winter, and spring terms).

Students may take the placement exam a maximum of five times. Students may take the exam twice without doing any review. For each successive attempt the student must complete at least 3 hours of review using an ALEKS learning module before retaking the placement exam.