The Photovoltaic Lab is one of the newest additions to Oregon Tech. Our lab offers top of the line tools and equipment for testing and installing solar cells. Many students use this area as part of their graduate work or in their advanced classes in the Renewable Energy Engineering program. If you would like to use the PV Lab for your senior project or to learn more, please reach out to Labs staff.

Laminator (Bent River)

Our Portland-Metro campus has the ability to make and test student created PV panels. The Bent River laminator allows students to fabricate a solar panel out of individual cells, to exact specifications for their projects.

Solar Simulator
Solar Simulator (SPI-SUN)

This unique device allows for students to test and monitor photovoltaic solar panels while under real sun-like conditions. This device puts out electromagnetic radiation from 400 - 1100nm to simulate how your solar panel will operate when placed into a real world scenario.

Electroluminescence Analyzer
Electroluminescence Analyzer (Ecolab)

The Electroluminescence is another device that is geared towards testing the materials in PV cells. This sensitive device analyzes each cell to show flaws in the material structure. This allows students to find individual cells in the solar array that are under performing.

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